Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Saving life on Earth!

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason
In 2001 I started a PhD into Global Warming. It got ended suddenly, for no reason.
I went off singing, and noticed in 2003, that NATURE TRUNED WATER INTO He AND O. PLUS A LOT OF HEAT! In water falls, breaking waves and where ever we have high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow.
Plants in the light turn CO2 and H2O into He, CH4 and O! So photosynthesis is light induced molecular nuclear fusion!
All man’s engines do it, which is why they give off radiation!
T his will give a century’s study! And save life on Earth, from the toxic death of nuclear fission. So quite useful then!
Power with no CO2 or toxic death. But really CO2 supports life on Earth, ALL THE Global Warming RUBBISH CAME FROM TAME ACADEMICS AND STOOGES TO NUCLEAR POWER.
Recently nuclear power has begun bunging the green movement, to sing the praises of nuclear power. These people are stooges, and enemies to life!
So you would think Sheffield University, UK would give me my PhD. No.
Nuclear power got there first! You want to study there? OK. Just as long as you are not interested in truth!


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