Sunday, 29 March 2009

Letter to Sheffeild U

Jonathan Thomason 117 Merchant’s Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XQ

Swamps are interesting, as they take in CO2. But they turn it into CH4. Some of which his converted into carbohydrates, but some is liberated.
Swamps also liberate O, and I would put money on them making He! This is liberated into the air, but is not held by Earth’s feeble gravity.
So it, and the He from the deep end up in space! The light rays emitted from suns combine in space, to form H. So we gain H from space, as do suns!
But they will gain 1 kg a second, and burn 100 tonnes a second!
Swamps meanwhile pile up CH4 and O in moist air! CH4 has a 5 second life in the air, as it fids a source of ignition. Swamps gas ignites every couple of days, so around swamps there are fewer naked flames.
CO2 and CH4 are in tension! So in warm weather, there is less CO2, more CH4: But the latter is always burning back to CO2.
You can see why I have not done much work on swamps! But they do liberate gamma waves, as does the deep.
Both consume CO2, and produce O and He! All this is documented – I read the latest article in new Scientist within the last month!
So biology does all this molecular nuclear fusion: And its production of
O, He, and consumption of CO2 is on record. As it their production of gamma waves.
No wriggle room! Biology does molecular nuclear fusion. PhD please!

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