Monday, 30 July 2007

Global warming is just a name! +44 0161 848-0416 t/f
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Global Warming was devised as a way to siphon money into academia. It predicted that sea levels would have risen by 15 feet, and Oxford would be a desert.
Anybody who argued with this did not know their stuff! But I got onto a PhD at Sheffield University into Global Warming, and after 6 months concluded it was phantom science: Fiction by another name!
It did not predict more flooding and hurricanes! Those bits were added to the myth, as the seas refused to rise! With all this flooding, they should have gone down.
And how ironic, that world leading university town should get flooded! With no warning from the academics there!
There is no science behind Global Warming: The press talks about it as if it was real! It is not! The weather is the weather.

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