Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Cheap water for India

Farms in India have access to the open sea or air river or stream - for transportation and reasons.  The water and both these cases is not drinkable.  The higher pressure for alteration is prohibitively expensive.  Almost as dear as boiling the water.
The simplest idea is to divert some of this stream water on to a black polythene surface.  During the day and the sunlight will boil off the water.  Adding water vapour into the local environment.
We need to skim off residual solids left on the evaporation surface.  The cold of night will condense the water vapour, which will fourth as natural rain in the surrounding area.
A more efficient system is to use a little solar driven vacuum pumps, to suck up the stream or river water by one metre, it will then boil!  Into pure water vapour.

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Even ice will sublime umder vacuum, forming water vapour.  Losing all salts and contaminants: like heavy metals, or animal waste.
We have a series of little vacuum pumps, to transport the water vapour to a high reservoir or tank.  When we vent the water vapour it condenses into water droplets.  Which condense and fill the reservoir.
We have a supply of endless pure water, without any rainfall.  Ideal for watering animals or plants.
In Saudi Arabia we pump the water to fill an artificial reservoir or in the high desert.  The water will evaporate and wet the world.  Transform I am Saudi Arabia back into lash arable area it was in the days of the Roman empire.
We need to dredge up the mug from estuaries, was shared the salts in the estuary water, and we are left with new soil.
We form into soil mats, we impregnated with grass seed.  And district around the new reservoirs.  We plant to each seedlings in soil balls, and pop out some of the new water to irrigate around the tree roots.
This will naturally stabilize the field boundaries.  We may choose to erect metal meshes and, to contain the animals that graze and fertilise the new grass.
All this extra plant life will suck C02 from the air.  Plants and animals are in a dynamic balance, so more plants leads inevitably to more animals.  But as we have also introduced a new farm animals, these will take in the extra oxygen excreted by the plants.
And he eight the new plant bulk.  So we make more food for the growing global population.  As cancer was cures 2002, by the use of high intensity ultrasound the global population has grown.
1 minute of e.g. 8 W 1 MHz ultrasound, will clear all infections and cancers in just 1 minute.  ½ minute of HIUS to the top left to the chest and the kidneys is best medicine to totally clear coronary heart disease at one session.
Prescribing heart and cancer medication is us defective and criminal medicine.  Striking off the doctors and assisting medical staff, 2002.  All subsequent health work criminal!  Massive medical malpractice.
2013 I demonstrated at saint clement's heart health group, that ½ minute of HIUS to the bottom right of the chest clears type two diabetes in one session.  2016 I confirmed the experience of my American diabetic friends, that 1 minute clears type one diabetes.
All we have to wait three days for the diabetes to remit.  Every global Dr. Had to read and validate my medical papers.  And then use the new medical science.  All again be struck off the medical register for life.  Subsequent health work then criminal!
The prescription of insane and metformin has thus been criminal and defective medicine for seven years.  Striking off all involved medical staff.
You can buy a the device over the Internet for under 20 UK pounds.  And clear the major causes of global human death.  Medicated diabetes is the eight biggest killer of mankind!

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