Thursday, 13 September 2018

Replacing petrol

When we burn and petrol or diesel, we do nuclear fusion.
1 C16H34+P+TU->16(CO2+(16-r)H2O-E1)+r(He+O+E22+L+X-ray) E22-E1=8 kW
There are four simpler ways to do nuclear fusion.  Burning petrol or diesel only releases 45 kW/m.  And produces carbon dioxide.  And uses a massively expensive fuel.
A much better idea, is to copy nature doing molecular nuclear fusion.  Heavy rain or snow does molecular nuclear fusion.
2 H2O+TU=He+O+E2+L+X-ray the source of light flashes we get from a heavy rain or snow.  Or from a waterfall one metre high.

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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high-pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.
Turbulence, rain drops and the l1/2 number density ... - McGill Physics
by S Lovejoy - ‎Cited by 33 - ‎Related articles
5 Jan 2008 - Combining turbulence theory with rain drop physics involves several ...... [Pruppacher, 1997]) and Fr is the reaction force of the rain on the wind.

This sets up the potential difference between the cloud tops and the ground, for a lightening strike.  A 2 CM by 1.5 KM steam plasma, which does free, non-toxic, carbon zero power.
3 H2O+P+PL->He2++O++3e-+E2+L+X-ray source of the X-rays and light flashes from a lightening strike.
X-Rays Abound When Lightning Strikes - Scientific American
31 Jan 2003 - They succeeded in harnessing 37 individual lightning strokes, and found intense bursts of x-ray radiation--each typically depositing tens of ...
This makes five tonnes of helium gas.  An energy release of 2.5x1030 W.  More power every 3 minutes, than mankind, has ever generated.
H bombs explode in A bomb in a tank of water, to do molecular nuclear fusion.
4 H2O+P+E-+PL>He2++O++3e-+E3
So molecular nuclear fusion came in in the 1950s.  A nuclear power plant uses nuclear fission tubes to bubble steam through liquid water.  To do molecular nuclear fusion.
By insisting on using uranium fusion tubes we will produce stratospherically toxic plutonium or strontium.  And continental level toxic death.
Each operating nuclear plant needs annual insurance of 100 billion.  No insurance above one billion is commercially available.  All nuclear power operating illegally.
Patient use release just 250 kW/m.  A 50x1cm steam plasma tube at four atmospheres releases 2.4 MW of heat.  A thermoelectric generator costing 1000 UK pounds, will generate a constant 288 kW of mains power.
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Carbon and nitrogen zero power.  Using no fossil fuel burn and no hyper-toxic nuclear fission from uranium.  Utilising just 1.5x10-17cc of regular water a year.  Producing no waste at all.
5 H2O+P+PL->E3+L+X-ray
Who can set one up in a garden shed.  Supplying the power for three hundred houses.  Giving the grid 280 kW of carbon zero power.  No fossil fuel burn, no hyper-toxic uranium fission.  No at the handling of radioactive materials.
The handling of radioactive materials needs a special licence.  Totally beyond the scope even of individual power users.  We can supply the carbon zero power, from a garden shed.  Utilising no fossil fuel burn.
And mankind has utilised the science of nuclear fusion for 70 years.

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