Thursday, 13 September 2018

Replacing natural gas + He gas production

with A steam plasma tube. The reason I like this system, is that nature has done all the experiments for me. Every 3 minutes around the world heavy rain or snow sets up for a lightening strike. By doing molecular nuclear fusion.
1 2H2O+TU+P->He2++O++H2O-+E+X-ray which is why rain warms the air.
At 5000 volts, 100 amps we get a lightening down strike. The linking up the positive charge, collected above the clouds layer, where the negative charge that falls to the ground.
This system is nice, as you do nuclear fusion from regular water. We can study at in universities. We need a series of water droplets, falling over 1m. We form helium and free radical oxygen, with X-ray a light emission.
I was thinking about this and doing the physics. No welding is a massive demand of helium gas. If we collect the gases and cool them. We get helium and oxygen.
Liquid oxygen also has high value. And there is no chemical source of helium. But dribbling water down a 1m fall, gives us a basic we learn must source of helium. No more extracting the gas deep Earth cavities.
The turbulent flow of high pressure water in the deep earth, already done as molecular nuclear fusion.
2 H2O+TU+O2->He+O3+L+X-ray TU= precipitation turbulence
The deep earth does geothermal water into helium and oxygen gases. So it will never run out. The helium from the formation of the earth, a skate to space three billion years ago.
We are extracting and using recently produced helium gas. Which is worth more, weight for weight than gold. Here is how to produce helium and oxygen gases, from any industrial units in any industrial park in the world.
We utilise a frighteningly small volume of water. The war they gain from asteroid impacts on the earth, it contributes more water though we could never hope to use.
Lightening makes 5 tonnes of helium gas, and associated ozone from regular water in the air.
3 nH2O+PL->(n-r)H2O+r(He+O+E2+L+X-ray)
And like from rain or snow, we get continues production of light: not the light flash illumination we get from precipitation or waterfalls. Waterfalls also produces helium and free radical oxygen.

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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.
So we get cheap helium gas for welding. And universities gets an endless source of helium gas. For cryogenic applications.
Lightening releases 2.5x1030 W of heat from are 2cm x 1.5km steam plasma. A free 1m x 1cm steam plasma their rates warm 2.4 MW/m.
That a confined steam plasma does the twice as energetic hydrogen fission.
4 H2O+P+TU->E3+L+X-ray 2.4 MW from a 50x1cm steam plasma at four atmospheres.
Burning natural gas only releases 45 kW/m. So a steam plasma is 531/3 times more dynamic.
So we blast cold air over the tube. And pass the gas through a firmer electric generator. To get 288 kW of mains power.
The exhaust steam enters at 870° C, and leaves at 760° C. We pass the heart air through the fiat use in the boiler. And heat a central heating system with no gas or oil burn.
The still hot air these from a chimney. We heat our mansion for free. Or seriously, supply in area heating system.
We generate the power for 300 houses. Carbon 0, non toxic power. That utilises no gas or oil burn. And involves handling no hyper toxic radioactive materials. All driven from regular water.
Using the science of the a fluorescent light - sorted out in the 1900s. The first mercury vapor lamps invented by Peter Cooper Hewitt, 1903.
Once established, the plasma itself sustains at four atmospheres. Using 1.8x10-14 ccs of regular water a year, and no, we couldn't measure it I he tried it in 2001.
Sheffield University recoiled in horror at the development of molecular nuclear fusion. Or rather, my department did. There are real scientist at Sheffield University, who will be overjoyed at the development of nuclear fusion on earth.
They will also be pleased at the development of helium from a small engineering plant, continuously while the earth exists. The inert gas will never run out.

We do not need to mine it from the Moon or outer space.

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