Saturday, 1 September 2018

Medical corruption

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Free (or partially freelunch improves company culture. When offered employer-sponsored lunches, more people stay at the office for lunch instead of going outside. In comes this fantastic shared experience, helping to form stronger connections between employees.
    I was at Sheffield University 2000, starting my interest in the medical application of ultrasound.  Two years later the Moffitt cancer centre published 100 patient double-blind trials on High-Intensity UltraSound curing cancer.  It may have been linked are not.
    As in the cafeteria and was the asked 'was I on the free medical lunch'.  I had already offered my £5.00 note.  So I replied 'No'
    I was slightly staggered there was such a thing.  It transpired that drug companies gave out free lunches, and even family holidays - I according to your prescribing history.
    I was offered for subsidized medical conferences, in Barbados and other hot countries.  I was half inclined to take on, but then realized I was going to spend a lot of  time being ignored.  And the rest at 3rd rate lectures on drugs.
    At the time or medical PhD funding for a PhD at Cambridge would have been useful.  But I already had the funding sorted out.  He just required Cambridge to be interested.
    Sheffield released me from my PhD, on the assumption I was after Cambridge.  I really did not wish to be a bought man.  And doing a PhD.  Was a journey into new knowledge.  New and free knowledge.
    Why were the drug companies are trying to buy medical Ph.D's?  Actually, it is very simple.  So they can use so all new medical knowledge.
    Or if it does not suit them, shut it down.  I was into high-intensity ultrasound.  That made all cancer drugs defective and criminal medicine.
    8 W 1 MHz ultrasound, clears all 200 cancers out there.  No drug use.  If the drug companies had got me on a subsidise conference, I would have been shut down very quickly.
    Instead, I wrote my finding it up in a book.  Medically backed up by the medical work at the Moffitt cancer centre.
    Exactly the sort of knowledge, drug companies want to shut down.  Ensuring a third of humanity would die in expensive or agony.  HIUS clears all cancers in 1 minute.  No pain and no hospitals or doctors.  And best of all no drug companies involved.

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