Thursday, 13 September 2018

Make your own petrol

At home users can generate all the heat and power using a 50x1cm steam plasma tube at four atmospheres. This produces 2.4 MW. Maybe at 3000° C.
We entrain cool air, to free use an air temperature of 380° C. We have lost call air over them the plasma tube. We get off 288 kilowatts of mains power, from a commercially source had thermoelectric generator and.
We take off 40 kW, to drive a Carnot heat pump. Which condenses carbon dioxide out the are at -28° C. We mix this with water we have boiled off using the still hot air.
When mixed with the CO2 we get a composite gas temperature of 780° C. At a spark, the gas unburns. We must be below one-atmosphere pressure.
1 CO2+4H2O+SP ->CH4+3O2
We have just produced methane -basically natural gas and oxygen. We need to use a car no refrigeration system again. To give us a liquid methane and oxygen gas. We separated these two streams.
And sell the natural gas: which has highly commercial value today. Non fossil fuel natural gas. It only releases the C02 taken in to form the gas.
This is why fuel or will only burn at pressure. Low pressure gas burner to a smoky and cool flame. At one atmosphere and less, it will not burn. As carbon dioxide and methane one to unburn.
If we pass this gas repeatedly Turner titanium honeycomb catalysed, we get out fuel oil. C12 is diesel and C16 use petrol. We have produced our own petrol, using the gases around a city. And university Chemical Engineering. We no longer need Opec.
We strike up A plasma, using the electronics from a fluorescent light. And top up the steam from a pan or a paint stripper, with very very little regular water.

No carbon or nitrogen oxides. No money going to dubious political regimes: which fund global terror.

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