Friday, 14 September 2018

Free Manchester gold

I was in a Salford, the twin town to Manchester three years ago air and felt their magnitude three earthquake.
This means geothermal steam and water is running and under Manchester.  34 metres down, this is largely superheated water at 280° C and 34 atmospheres pressure.
If we drill down to steam filled magma chambers, at tectonic boundaries, and gradually vent the steam pressure (through a steam turbine) we stop volcanoes and earthquakes and also it get free carbon zero electricity.  And
If we drill down and from below a magma chamber we get superheated water.  Which has gold, copper and silver metal dust dissolved in it.
We vent half an atmosphere and pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner.  We scrub out the metal dust.  40% gold metal.  That use 40 times the register coal deposits on earth.
And the dust is an impurity we wish to remove.  It just has a massive value.  Each geothermal power plant will produce 50 tonnes of gold a year.  Gold is at $35,127,568.00 per metric tonne.
We now have clean steam at 270° C and are over 33 atmospheres pressure.  We pass it through a series of steam turbines.  And get warm 1.2 MW of mains power.  No at handling radioactive materials.  No fossil fuel burn.  No possibility of global warming or climate change.
And remember we have stopped earthquakes and volcanoes.  And got more money from a near an endless quantity of goals we have produced.  The earth's core contains 455 million tonnes of gold.  It is the eight richest and on earth.  Just most of it locked away in the Ear andth's core.
So we save life on earth two times over, and make an impossibly large amounts of money.  From ground sonar and a 34 metre bore hole.
Manchester and Salford are going to be so rich.
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