Monday, 10 September 2018

Doctors turn murderers

Every Dr. has promised to strike themselves off, the first day they use defective medicine.  They further promised by aware of and validate new medical advances.  And then use them.
June 2002 they read the Moffitt cancer paper, about using high intensity ultrasound to clear cancer.  They validated using an 8 W 3 MHz ultrasound device.
And then totally ignore the work, to garden using defective and criminal chemo and radio therapies plus even more fatal cancer surgery.
The Christie pride themselves on only using the best chemo and radio therapies plus surgery.  You can't grade shit.  All I have been defective and criminal medicine for 16 years.  So for last 16 years 'Almost half of all patients diagnosed with cancer* in the Greater Manchester area'have gone and been killed by the Christie.

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Every Dr. or medical professor there cease to be a registered Dr. June 2002.  There were required to strike themselves off the first day they use defective medicine.
Like all cancer doctors, they must return all wages for killing cancer patients back to 2002.  All medical practice is then criminal and and uninsured.  They draw no pension.
Paying 10,000,000 UK pounds to the family is of every cancer patient they have executed.  And get 25 years in high security jail - with no parole.
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