Sunday, 9 September 2018

Death of disease

If we cure viruses by application of high-intensity ultrasound to either side the chest, we clear the infection speedily and stop the development of cancers, heart disease and diabetes.
I use an 8 W 1 MHZ ultrasound massage device, as my medically licensed HIUS device.  It clears all three conditions.  All medics have an 8 W 3 MHz device.
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Which they are legally required to use.  The work on cancer was published by three medical professors at a world-leading cancer centre in 2002.  Confirmed the same year by every registered Dr..  Or they were struck off for life. All medical practice illegal.
Which is why they have a HIUS device unused in the nursing office.  All cancer drugs have been criminal medicine for 16 years.  2016 the UK crown court recognized HIUS as the only legal cancer medicine.
Medics dropped biochemical treatments.  And reverting to more defective chemo and radio therapies plus cancer surgery, all illegal medicine.
No registered Dr. is allowed to prescribe illegal medication.  If an individual buys and uses a HIUS device as home, they never get cancer.
Hence for last five years, medics have complained that cancer rates are dropping.  And now the cancer cure rate has fast 85%.  95% for children.  Was HIUS Works for children, parents we use it on their parents.  Then themses.
As cancer patients die, there are masterly fewer people to take their place.  People are not really getting cancer.  And the cancers are being routinely cured.
Medics have planned for this day, when cancer died.  They built up coronary heart disease as its replacement.
It is caused by inflated bacterial structure on the coronary arteries all around the kidneys.  HIUS to the top left to the chest and the kidneys clears the disease.  As medically confirmed 2012.
Since when no registered Dr. Has been legally allowed to prescribe heart drugs.  But there again, they were not allowed to prescribe cancer medicine from 2002.  I may still our.
So the heart disease rates are crashing.  No explanation.
HIUS to cure the viral infections also stops the formation of diabetes.  Type 1&2.  Medics also unhappy that this.  There third major income stream vanishing.  The supposedly incurable disease, cured by under a minute of HIUS to the bottom right of the chest.
Just the once.  Diabetes cures for life.  Never to come back.  After two year break, medics announced mental health problems were next big thing.
Alzheimer's was the eight biggest killer of people.  Medics wanted to take the place of cancer.  Which used to kill 1/3 mankind.
2013 I demonstrated ½ minute of HIUS to each side ahead, at home, cleared all dementia.  I've published this on the Internet.  To be read and verified by every registered Dr..
So use of a HIUS device they already had, cure cancers, heart disease, diabetes and dementia.  It also clears asthma, arthritis, IBS...
And curing all infections stops the diseases of age.  Why you had ever wished to see a Dr. I do not know.  They only wish to medicate you to death, four their own profit.

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