Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Cheap water and power for Salford/Manchester

Due to it's industrial past Manchester and Salford have extensive navigatable water always.  Full of mostly fresh water.  Though not drinkable quality.
We sight weaned turbines along the Rivers.  These suck the water at one metre, where it boils to pure water vapour.  Losing all salts and contaminants.
We then vent the steam above water mains, and pressurise the water to hours to the water in the mains.  The water company pays us by water volume.
In the same way and that power produces are paid 2p per kilowatt hour for the national grid.  We can produce water below the cost of reservoir water.
To produce electricity phone users want a 50x1cm steam plasma, at four atmospheres: details are worked out at Sheffield University 2001 on my PHD.
We use the electronics from a fluorescent light, to set up the steam plasma.  Which self-sustains, while we top up the water volume.  It uses6x10-16cc of regular water per year per megawatt year of heat.
We feed this heat into the boil her chamber for a small steam turbine.  The turbine drives a contactless rotor.  We get out 500 kW of power.  Enough carbon zero electricity, for 500 houses.
The electronics convert heat into mains current and voltage.  Each HIUS only wants 10 kW of power.  To supply all electricity and heat for a house.  No mains services: no electricity, gas, coal or oil.  And no emissions.  No hyper-toxic nuclear power.
A process so toxic, each 100 MW power plant knees annual insurance cover of 100 billion.  They carrying an illegal 50 million.  all nuclear power illegal.
Each house with a plasma power plant gets an ideal income of 10,000,000 UK pounds.  From the garden shed.  Why bother working?
The government should offer a money to start up the plant, and only Hans the plant over to the have site owner, as that loan is fully repaid.

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