Wednesday, 5 September 2018

AIDs: Get me to Amsterdam

On the 22nd of September, I have been asked to attend the global conference on HIV/AIDs in Amsterdam.  There is no need.  Anybody on the planet getting their hands on the 8 W 1 MHz ultrasound massage device.
Applying the fall strength ultrasound, for ½ a minute to each side of the chest.  And the HIV is cleared.  Once you have the 12 UK pound device, the cost of clearing HIV is 0.02 pounds.  Less than the cost of the light to illuminate the nursing office.
My friend, who was HIV+, went to the GP is after a week in 2012.  And was AIDs free.  I recommended he wait a month, to let the lover clear all the enzymes produced by HIV.
It would appear them that a four immune action clears source enzymes very quickly.  This works for all cancers.  Clearing all 200 cancers out there in under 1 minute.  Cancers divide in the same viral way.
So all cancer and viral cells must be overinflated.  So when exposed to High-Intensity Ultrasound, pop.  Clearing the disease from the body.  8 W 1 MHz is commercially sourced and medically licensed HIUS.

Ultrasound—Cancer Cure: Cheap Home Cure to All Cancers

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Ultrasound—Cancer Cure explores a perspective and revolutionary new treatment for cancer: high-intensity ultrasound, a noninvasive but promising new treatment that is being studied as a way to treat all cancers and could even cure in just one application. Author Dr. Jon Thomason shares research from the Moffitt Cancer Center, which pioneered research into this application of ultrasound, and he explains both how ultrasound works and how, more importantly, it can be used to as a treatment for cancer. Chemotherapy and surgery are not the only options for patients suffering from cancer. Ultrasound is a promising new alternative that could offer a noninvasive treatment without the debilitating side-effects of radiation and surgery.
AIDs recognised 1983
Formal tracking (surveillance) of AIDS cases began that year in the United States. In 1983, scientists discovered the virus that causes AIDS. The virus was at first named HTLV-III/LAV (human T-cell lymphotropic virus-type III/lymphadenopathy-associated virus) by an international scientific committee.
The History of Aids in Africa - Black History Month
25 Aug 2015 - A 10-year study completed in 2005 found a strain of Simian ... by a surge in cases of a severe wasting disease known locally as 'slim disease', ...

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