Saturday, 7 July 2018

Water the Manchester gardens

This idea uses a little vacuum pump. Which can be solar powered, borrow mains electricity. Or be hand cranked.
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We positioned the pumped on a car roof. We can also drive the pump from the car battery. The river, stream or sea water rises to 1 metre. And it boils. So we pump out a stream or brown water. We lose all salts or contaminants.
The water companies can use this idea to refill the reservoirs – no rain fall needed. Cheaper than reservoir water.
I live by the Bridgewater canal in Salford, so he can plug in a vacuum pump, and used a hose to spray water vapour over the parched gardens. The water drops condense, and we're get water droplets sinking to the ground.
As the a fine mist -like along the sea shore in the morning. The grass and plants get watered. The energy use is minimal.
We can pay a house owner by a stream one UK pounds. And fill a large water tank, in the car boot or back of a van. Free, pure, non mains water.
We drive the water home, and use the vacuum pump to spray of water over our garden.
We do not use mains water. In time the water will enter the sewage system, so be returned to high reservoir, by the water company. Who then sell on our free water!
Usually stream or river water, flows back into the seas. So we might decrease water levels, by an imperceptible amount. The water runs back into the stream or sewer anyway!
Around the Quays, they maintenance people, can pump water from the Bridgewater, to irrigate are parched gardens and grass areas.
The dry weather in Manchester, has no consequence on this idea.

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