Sunday, 8 July 2018

Warm the east coast of England

We moor derelict boats, along the shores of the East Coast of the UK. Away from shipping Lanes/around them. We have one metre steam plasma tubes, bought laid down below the sea surface, operating constantly. Around the bost.
You strike up the steam plasma using electrical leads, that are above the surface. When we struck up the plasma, the tubes release 8.6 megawatts. From 2x10-15cc of regular water a year. The high voltage equipment, we can borrow from a fluorescent light.
That level of water usage is so tiny! We need to top up the water reservoir or in 5 centuries. They generate heat by doing molecular nuclear fusion
1 H2O+PL->E2+L+X-ray
Heat with no carbon dioxide. No fossil fuel burn. No hyper toxic uranium fission. No specialist licensed for handling radioactive materials. No radioactive material is produced. Just heat, light and low power X-rays. Like all life produces.
We get are stream of bubbles, of hot steam, with no salt in. Rising as hot water vapour into the air. Which will fall as warm rain. We inject massive volumes of warm rain into the east coast of England's air.
We directly lower sea levels. By getting fresh rain to fall on the land. Not shards of ice or cold water. Plants will love it. Warm rain for free.
Using the power of lightening. Every 3 minutes around the world there is a lightening strike, which releases 2.5x1030W of heat. The sun releases 1040W of energy every year. So you can see, lightening is equivalent to a miniature sun.
We carefully positioned the steam plasma tubes, and replace missing sun light. Using a miniscule boiling of water, to release massive heat. We coat the steam plasma tubes, to release ultraviolet light. To support photosynthesis, away from direct sunlight.
This sucks in carbon dioxide, to build biomass. Available carbon dioxide is the limit to life on earth.
Natural photosynthesis on land and sea, caps free carbon dioxide at just two parts per million. Levels double above the arctic in winter. Air temperature -50° C.
Who are ever made up man made global warming, was totally ignorant of biology: Hands up physics stooges. Writing fiction for their paymasters in nuclear power.
Carbon dioxide also doubles in a natural ice age: as proved by mineral deposits, when there is little photosynthesis - and we are in a natural ice age.
In the Jurassic there was 65% more active life, sea levels were 60 metres lower. 85% of the side died in the mass extinctions at the end of periods like the Jurassic. Cretaceous. Permian. Basically all the mass extinctions of pre-history.
We live in a time of denuded carbon dioxide. Burning the fossil fuels, stimulated plant growth. So within 5 minutes, the carbon dioxide is plant biomass. The carbon dioxide never makes it to the stratosphere, where our weather is made.
The natural climate had been cooling since 1995. It will next warming in 2023: book your holiday's today. Another 1976. Almost as warm as 1948.
Not as good as the warm middle ages. There is also a medium term climate cycle. The short term cycle has half years of 28 years. Man burmed vertually no fossil fuels in the middle ages. Warmest period on record.
The climate change people, really needs: some basic meteorology from the geology department. The climate has nothing to do with carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is capped by natural photosynthesis.
Again, it can only rise in a natural ice age, or if you are above the polar ice In winter.

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