Saturday, 7 July 2018

UK doctors are bankrupt

They are used to prescribing cancer drugs, which led to the agonising death of 2000 patients every year. The GPs earned 40,000 pounds, from biochemistry and cancer drugs.
Then in 2002, the Moffitt cancer centre used High Intensity UltraSound, to totally clear cancer at one appointment. 1 minute of 8 W one MHZ ultrasound will clear all 200 cancers out there.
All cancers must be pressurised, to grow in a viral fashion. Ulktrasound causes pressurised celsl to do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+P+US->He+O+E2+X-ray source of the X-rays in ultrasound scans
Doctors were appalled. Within income of 100,000, they were faced with losing an extra 40%. Which they used to subsidise the health centre. Picking up bills.
2004 and I had a visit from the British Council - high up British Lawyers. One had liver cancer. I use my HIUS device for 1 minute, to clear his cancer. He looked stunned.
Ingratitude he stopped drug royalties being paid to doctors in England. This changed everything. Suddenly doctors were retraining as accountants. The profession no longer really made any money.
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Biochemical treatments and chemotherapy were both defective medicine, after the Moffitt Paper was published 2002. Doctors were used a killing 2000 patients a year from cancer drugs.
This raised in income of 40,000 pounds. But now cancer drugs were illegal. The drug companies stepped in, to financially compromised the GMC/AMA - the National Medical registers.
To allow continued prescription of cancer drugs. Which was in violation of the doctors' Hippocratic oaths. Every prescribing Dr., ceased being a registered Dr. On the first day they prescribed any cancer drug.
All NHS doctors are no longer registered doctors. All prescriptions are invalid and criminal.
And no people are buying their own HIUS devices, and not allowing the Dr. to poison them to death. Drug royalties stopped 2004. There suddenly Health Centres were economically unsustainable.
I use an 8W 1NHz ultrasound massage device, as my medically licensed High Intensity UltraSound device – safe for home, unsupervised use. Clears cancers in 1 minute. Some time to the liver, and ½ a minute each arm pit, and side of the head.
GP's saw an income cut off 40,000 pounds. And their cancer patients, were all better and off medication.
Medical schools were not allowed to teach cancer drugs for 16 years. Or they were expelled from medicine for ever. Graduating medical students never registered doctors. They can't work in the NHS.
Foreign doctors are not registered doctors in either. Not for 16 years. So they come work in the NHS. Or any medical system.
Over 30,000 doctors have no taken early retirement: getting sick of medicating cancer patients to death. When the cure was in the nursing office.
So the NHS has introduced double shifts. So doctors are staggering about as if drunk. More than 40 hours a week - the Dr. is not fit to do Medical Service.
In any case. as the doctors have all been struck off, medical practice is criminal for life. There prescriptions invalid.
And then we get to the 10,000 cancer patients each Dr. Has medicated to death. That warrants a fine of 100 billion. Against a Dr. Who lost Medical Insurance for 16 years ago. They get 4 millennia in high security jail.
All medical practice was criminal since 2002. And these are meant to be super super ethical professionals. Every one struck off the medical register 2002. No valid Health Insurance. So medical practice doubly criminal.
85% of Health Centres are now in the red. And haemorrhaging money. Despite the Conservative government giving them 40,000,000,000 pounds a year extra. That is 40 billion.
No legal doctors. Insolvent medical practice is. The NHS has ceased to function. 70 years and out.
Jeremy Corbyn still favours criminal biochemical treatments – not even our Drs will prescribe. The most criminal party leader ever. Who is keeping his head down – but biochemistry illegal for ever.

HIS for 1/2 a minute to each side of the cheast clears HIV totally. AIDs drug criminal for 6 years.

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