Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Prospective Salford MP cures cancer

I have been asked to stand for election as anMP, in Salford. I my reply was immediate: hell yes! As it would give publicity to my ideas on ultrasound curing cancer.

Ultrasound—Cancer Cure: Cheap Home Cure to All Cancers

Paperback, 92 Pages 
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Ultrasound—Cancer Cure explores a prospective and revolutionary new treatment for cancer: high-intensity ultrasound, a noninvasive but promising new treatment that is being studied as a way to treat all cancers and could even cure in just one application. Author Dr. Jon Thomason shares research from the Moffitt Cancer Center, which pioneered research into this application of ultrasound, and he explains both how ultrasound works and how, more importantly, it can be used to as a treatment for cancer.
Chemotherapy and surgery are not the only options for patients suffering from cancer. Ultrasound is a promising new alternative that could offer a noninvasive treatment without the debilitating side-effects of radiation and surgery.

This idea was medically proved an published, 53 medical professors at the Moffitt cancer centre 2002. Every Dr. on earth bought a high intensity ultrasound device, and validated the medicine.
Cancer cells have to be pressurised in order to grow. Applying e.g. 8 W one MHZ ultrasound, causes the cell contents to do molecular nuclear fusion.
1 H2O+P+US->He+O+E2+X-ray Body no affected, higher higher power of ultrasound used.

In ultrasound scans, all cancer cells give off X-rays. With HIUS, external application of the ultrasound, will cause cancer cells within an organ, to boil and pop. Clearing the disease.
At home -no medics or hospital required. My ex wife is at salford royal. And will be overjoyed, all cancers can be cleared at home in just 1 minute. No biochemical prescription required.

No Dr. or nurse intervention: doctors or nurses who have helped with defective cancer drugs over last 16 years, struck off their medical registers. And permanently excluded from the Health Service.
The remaining nurses, then get on with the important work -other than cancers, heart disease, diabetes and mental health problems. See https://jonsthings.blogspot.com/ for details of clearing these diseases.
HIUS is the most important medical development ever. It will even clear viral and bacterial infections. No drug use. Total cure of all disease 11/2 minutes.
It is such a simple medicine. Medically validated 16 years ago. Confirmed by every practicing Dr. -who has an infective HIUS device.

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