Monday, 9 July 2018

Nuclear so illegal

To operate legally, every nuclear power station on earth requires sufficient insurance.  They carriy 50 million.  After Chernobyl the required insurance rose to 40 billion annually.  They never had it.  They invested the money inventing global warming.
Then the global climate, like all the and applies in the solar system, had cooled from 1995.  The world climate is controlled by solar emissions cycles.  Cyclical (28 year half cycle) and outside man's control.
C02 is capped at two parts for million, by photosynthesis on land and in the seas.  Nitrogen oxides, are kept at four parts for billion.  Levels double, and of the arctics in winter.  Air temperature -50° C.
Nuclear power is 1/4 biggest manmade source of carbon dioxide on earth: two to their bright.  Plant building and Turner.  They are the world's biggest source of the nitrous oxides (NO/NO2 NOx).
Who is the climate people declare carbon dioxide had nothing to do the climate.  Obviously not.  As extra come dioxide is converted into active biomass within 5 minutes.
The Jurassic have four parts for million carbon dioxide in the air -as photosynthesis was less efficient.  It had three natural ice ages.  Carbon dioxide at eight parts for million.
So emissions have nothing to do the climate.  Nuclear power is massively under insured.  40 billion a year after Chernobyl.  Deal for a crucial air in 2010, and insurance required rose to 100 billion a year.
No insurance above one billion is available.  All nuclear power illegal.  All 200 plants in America and France.  Havet operating illegally since 1984.
Only operating because of the world's biggest bribes paid to they nuclear regulator.  Marriage is an regulators get 10 years in jail, for each year of illegal operation.
Every nuclear plant has a fine of 360 billion.  Bankers check acceptable.  O no it isn't.  Nuclear power does not have access to that sort of money.
We are talking about a legal find our 7200 trillion.

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