Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Carbon dioxide levels static

Biology never beleived in man-made global warming. As plants take in carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and salford dioxide to grow.
So carbon dioxide levels were pegged at just two parts per million. Engine exhausts, were converted back into biomass. Within 5 minutes.
All fossil fuels were laid down at the mass extinctions of pre-history. The Cretaceous has 10 PPM carbon dioxide in the air. Then photosynthesis evolved.
CO2 crashed to one part per million at the start of the Permian. 90% of life on earth died. Her biggest mass extinction in pre-history.
And was involved to eat plant matter, and combine it with the oxygen gas excreted by plants.
That's right, you breathe in the gas excreted by plants. Fast forward to the Jurassic, four PPM C aid to the air. Twice the present level.
85% more life on earth. Less evolved life too! Sea levels 60 metres lower. Three natural ice ages. With CO2 then at a global average of eight PPM. I told this to Sheffield University 2001: but there major science funder was nuclear power.
In modern ice ages, carbon dioxide levels double, back to four parts per million. As the snow covers the land, and the IAIs covers the seas.
The ice age receipts, and carbon dioxide is back, limited to two PPM. Except over the poles in winter, we are at four PPM there.
Engine exhausts are converted back into biomass, within 5 minutes. Photosynthesis being fertilised by nitrous oxides and sulphur dioxide.
NO/NO2 (NOx) is limited to a global average of just four parts for billion. 1,000,000,000. This is such a trace gas. Getting access to carbon and nitrogen oxides, is it a limit to photosynthesis.
Man uses the Harbor bosche process. The middle aged Farmer used to grow peas every 3rd year. Which have empathic bacteria to fix nitrogen. So fertilising the soil, for the wheat harvest the next year.
NOx rises to eight PPB above the north and south pole in winter. The fourth largest source of androgynous carbon dioxide, is nuclear power – due to its plant building programme.
The equivalent of 20 years of diesel emissions, in the two years; it takes to build the plant. These will be demolished and replaced in 25 years.
Making concrete also produces NOx – the flame temperature is over 10,000oC. So nuclear power is the main source of nitrous oxide produced by man..
Adblue scrums carbon, nitrogen and sulphur oxides, from a diesel exhausts: Why? They increase natural plant growth.
Adblue costs of fortune. And has resulted in a decreasing levels of emissions in the air.
Plants take in carbon and nitrogen oxides to grow. Nuclear power is such a major source of these oxides!
Which is why the climate change people stopped going on about carbon dioxide. As nuclear power is such a major source.
They printed the biologically impossible fact, there was 400 PPM CO2 in the air. Don't be silly. Since 1880, natural plant life has limited carbon dioxide to just two PPM.
Nature does not allow higher carbon levels. Nuclear stooges who fabricate carbon data, don't go over exact hundreds. Such obvious sciebce fiction.
When challenged about photosynthesis, the carbon pundits, downgraded their measurements to 200 PPM. Still not say where or when. Still exact 100s though!
As carbon emissions very during the day and the year. According to location. So 'carbon dioxide data' was fabricated, unsubstantiated, biological rubbish.
So now the nuclear stooges are on about nitrous oxides. Totally unaware that the plant building programme, made nuclear power the largest source of androgynous nitrous oxides.
Nuclear power should be concerned about getting adequate insurance. As every nuclear power plant know needs insurance of 100 billion. As they admit freely.
No insurance above one billion is commercially available. So all nuclear power has been running illegally since 1984. The most toxic and fatal industry, running without adequate insurance.
A steam plasma at four atmospheres, releases 2.4 MW from a 50 cm by 1 cm steam plasma tube. Compared to 45 kW/m for a gas or oil burner.
Only 250 kW/m for uranium nuclear power. A thermoelectric generator will produce 288 kW of mains electricity. No emissions.
3 H2O+PL->E3+L+X-fay E3=2.4MW → 288kW of mains power.
I started blogging about this three years ago. The climate people have yet to write a reply to my ideas. As it totally destroys climate change.
Global warming ended naturally 1995. The natural weather will next warm in 2023. Carbon dioxide is fixed at two PPM. What on earth made you think this gas warmed the air?
Its levels double across the Poles in winter. Air temperature -50° C.

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