Thursday, 5 July 2018

GMC struck off

                                                                                                        by Jonathan Thomason
All doctors have promised to use best new medicine, or the same day strike themselves off the medical register. 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre used High Intensity UltraSound to clear cancer totally in one session.
All doctors on earth bought an 8 W 3 MHz ultrasound device and confirmed the medicine. Cancer was cured without biochemical treatments, radio and chemotherapy or cancer surgery. All now defective, criminal medicine.  8W 1 MHz also works fine.


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They represent 98.5% of Health Service income. So doctors ignored the Hippocratic oath, and kept on prescribing defective medicine.
Including all members of the GMC - who are practicing doctors.

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All prescribing doctors, lost medical registration and Health Insurance for 16 years ago. All medical practice criminal. Assisting nurses also struck off 2002. Return all wages,get no pension.
A a fine of $16,000,000 (that is $16 million, 10 million UK pounds) for every cancer patient medicated to death. And today, most cancer patients die as a result of the chemo therapy prescribed by their Dr.: According to Berkley University.
No registered Dr. has been allowed to prescribe chemo therapy for 16 years. Or instantly removed from medical practice for ever. Pharmacists also struck off, their medical register.
Their health insurers voided. Including every member of the GMC. Who conceded 2015, they no longer are concerned with best medicine, only the best biochemistry. Least worst criminal medicine.
Yet the UK government still pays them to administer the Hippocratic oath. Which is concerned exclusively with best medicine.
By an 8 W one MHz ultrasound massage device, and buzz all 200 cancers away, at home in 1 minute. All doctors prescribing cancer drugs, struck off. Losing Medical Insurance. Medical practice criminal for life.
Included every member of the GMC. Who I now have no Medical Insurance -provided by the GMC! They have never bothered telling themselves, cancer drugs have been criminal medicine for 16 years.
Same applies for the AMA and other National Medical registers. The UK government is entitled to the return of last 16 years of money paid to the GMC. Who never actually did what they are paid to do. Administer the Hippocratic oath. All our lives depend on!
The most stringent professional oath in existence. Doctors did not actually keep. They said the words, and carried on poisoning the patients. The most horrible two year descent to death known to man. This is so criminal.

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