Monday, 9 July 2018

fuel less car

We use the power of natural lightening. That does a plasma burn, converting regular water into helium, oxygen massive heat and X-rays. There is a lightening strike every 3 minutes around the world. A 1.5km x 2cm steam plasma.
1 H2O+PL->He+O+E2+X-ray
Each lightening strike produces five tonnes of helium gas. Of which there is no chemical source. Only possible source nuclear fusion. On earth. In nature, and every 3 minutes throughout the year.
Nature it gets 1040W of power from lightening. It receives 1060W from natural sunlight.
In a glass tube we do the twice as dynamic plasma burn.
2 H2O+P+PL->2(E2+L+X-ray) 2.4MW from a 50x1cm steam plasma
No carbon or on nitrogen oxide. Why have the climate people suddenly decided CO2 is nothing to do with the weather? Could it be and that nuclear power is 1/4 biggest source the carbon dioxide?
All man's CO2 is capped at just two parts per 1,000,000, since levels halved at the end of the little ice age. Above the poles we still have four parts per million, air temperature -50° C.
All the academics who ever wrote papers on man-made global warming, so obviously writing paid fiction for nuclear power. Never should have been in education. But they are still working in well paid education jobs!
So a plasma power burn releases 2.4 MW from a 50x1cm steam plasma, which myself sustains at 4 atmospheres. No handling of radioactive materials. No gas, coal or oil burn.
We fead the heat into a commercially source firmer electric generator, and produce 288kW of emissions free power. We want 8 kW for personal use.
We sell the rest to the natural grid: getting an ideal income of 833,680 UK pounds. Why ever bother working?
A steam plasma will power 300 houses. With no fossil fuel burn. No oil and gas. And certainly no hyper toxic uranium nuclear power.
A process so toxic, every operating nuclear plant needs annual insurance cover of 100 billion. Sizewell B has never carried the required insurance. Since Chernobyl the annual insurance set at 40 billion.
All nine operating British nuclear plants, each neeeds 100 billion of insurance. None has. All British nuclear power operating illegal for 34 years. Usually legal fine the missing insurance.
48 billion from 1984 to 2010. Then rising to 100 billion after Fukishima. 640 billion + 800 billion. 1.4 trillion. For 200 operating nuclear plants. 250 trillion.
Money British Nuclear just does not her. British Nuclear owes 12 trillion. The nuclear regulator should have issued immediate start orders, 1984.
It didn't, because of the largest brides paid in corporate history. Every nuclear regulator since Chernobyl, a dangerous corporate criminal. As are the nuclear plant managers and engineers.
The most toxic, and illegal trade ever. Excluding biochemical drug production - more illegal and toxic.
To drive a car we a fire up a 25x1 the steam plasma. Which self sustains at four atmospheres. It collapses as we reduce the pressure, and we stop the car.
A thermo electric generator will produce 75 kilowatts of DC Power. We use power electronics to convert into speed linked AC.
This is enough power to fly between city centres. Landing on the outskirts, and motoring into town. As home with her own car to produce 74 kilowatts of the emissions free power. We sell 63kW.
From 2x10-16cc of regular water. We start the plasma using the electronics from a fluorescent light. And it then self sustains. No petrol or diesel burn. No battery charging.
Totally emissions free, plus free motoring. Henry Ford would have loved it!

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