Monday, 9 July 2018

Free home power

we confirmed the science here, Sheffield University 2001, just before my PhD work got ended, and it was suggested I went off to study cancer. At the behest of the visotor from nuclear power (sic). And yes I was!
8 W 1 MHz ultrasound clears all cancer cells. as the pressurised cancer cell does molecular nuclear fusion and pops. The medicine here confirmed by three medical professors 2002. All biochemical work, research or teaching had to cease, 16 years ago.
The cheapest, 100 per cent effective, High Intensity UltraSound device is an 8 W one MHz ultrasound massage device. 1 minute will clear all cancers from the body totally.
1 H2O+P+US->He+O+E2+X-ray the cancer cells boil and pop. Clearing the disease totally from the body.



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    • We found a working steam engine did molecular nuclear fusion. All the academics researching the linear flow of hydrogen doing nuclear fusion, were doing defective sounds. There PH D's and instantly ended. With no award.
      2 H2O+P+TU->He+O+E2+X-ray any working steam engine give off X-rays
      I was also interested in lightening, but only researched this sience after, in salford. Every 3 minutes around the world there is a lightening strike. This releases 5 tonnes of helium gas, and associated ozone. As it also does molecular nuclear fusion.
      3 H2O+P+TU->He+O+E2+X-ray (2) again. In the air, for free. Every 3 minutes around the world.
      In a glass tube, we do the 2 times as exothermic hydrogen fission.
      4 H2O+P+PL->2(E2+L+X-ray) Such simple science
      This generates 2.4MW of heat, from a steam plasma at 4 atmospheres. We use the electronics from a fluorescent light to fire up the plasma. Which then myself sustains.
      Using just 2x10-16cc of regular water, every year. We drive a fan, into a commercially source firmer electric generator. And get 288 kW of emission free power. We boil off water, and entrain air, to get air at 780oC.
      No CO2 or NO/NO2(NOx). And no possible man made climate change. The climate change people have never responded, over the last 4 years.
      The whole idea is stupid. The sun makes the climate of all the orbiting planets. Which have all been in a cooling phase since 1995.
      CO2 and NOx are taken in by photosynthesis. CO2 is capped at a global average of two parts per million. 4ppm above the arctics in winter, air temperature -50° C.
      NOx capped at a global average of four parts per billion. 8ppb above the arctic in winter. Again eir temperatures, at -50° C. The climate change people, haven't ever commented on this O level, high school biology.

      Waterfall Fusion

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      Waterfall Fusion
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      Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.

      A steam plasma tube will generate emissions free power. No fossil fuel burn and hyper toxic uranium nuclear power. Each operating nuclear plant needs annual insurance cover of 100 billion.
      Not commercially available. Every independent nuclear plant in the world, running illegally. All 200 nuclear plants in America are totally illegal. As are the surviving nine run by British Nuclear power plants in the UK.

      Retube there with steam plasma tubes. A 1 metre by 2 cm steam plasma tube will produce a plant 8.6 MW of heat. Compared to a uranium fusion tube only 250 kilowatts.
      From 3x10-15cc of regular water a year. 12 of them will drive 100 MW power station. Of a miniscule amount of regular water. Using science devised in the 1950s.
      No radioactive materials involved. Clean, safe and free power. No hyper toxic radioactive materials involved. No enriched uranium – regulat tap or river water.

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