Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Free fresh water

Any land owner the access to the stream, river or the sea, has access to unlimited free fresh water.
He sets up a little 8 W solar vacuum pump and raises the river water to a height of one metre. It boils, losing all salts and contaminants. They transfer the pure water vapour to a small tank or holding reservoir.
The water is so pure, it has an absolute no flavour, unless we add a little salt. Usually in cooking.
It is the ideal for irrigating a lawn or field. It is produced every day, during daylight hours, from the free power of the sun. In the Arctics, we use a little wind turbine to supply power,
We should be able to sell access water, to the water grid for half the price of reservoir water. It works best in the sunny days of summer. Ending for ever the threat of a UK summer drought The water is almost free Massively undercuts the expensive mains water. This idea can use all over the world to prevent droughts or famines.
The UN drought agency, will be so interested. I have been blogging about it for five years.
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