Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Cleanest power

I told Sheffield University 2000, that the turbulent flow of steam did nuclear fusion, as it converts H2O, into helium and oxygen gases - massive heat, a bit of light and lower power X-rays.
1 H2O+TU->He+O+E2+X-ray
They ended my PH D very quickly.

3 Oct 2009, 11 comments

2018 and there most convenient form of molecular nuclear fusion, is plasma steam fusion. A steam plasma at four atmospheres releases 2.4 megawatts of heat.
2 H2O+PL->E2+L+X-ray burning oil or gas. Pm;u 45kW/m a thermoelectric generator will yurn unto 288kW of mains power – enough C 0 power for 300 homes
4x10-15cc are regular water, runs a 100 MW power station for a year. Producing no radioactive waste. No fossil fuel burn. So obviously no carbon dioxide.
Photosynthesis on land and seas, caps carbon dioxide as a global average of two parts per million. Levels are at 4ppm above the ice caps, in winter - air temperature -50° C.
The 25 year life of a nuclear power plant, and makes nuclear power the fourth largest man derived emitter the carbon dioxide on the planet.
Nitrous oxides, (NO/NO2 - NOx) also double above the ice In winter. NOx so obviously does not warm the weather. Global average four parts per billion. 8ppb above the ice caps.
Every nuclear power station needs annual insurance of 100 billion. No insurance above one billion is available. ERGO all nuclear power illegal. Since Chernobyl in 1984.
Which conclusively proved, nuclear power is a most toxic technology mankind has ever developed. The very epitome, of ungreen.

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