Sunday, 3 June 2018

Your GP not a Dr.

The ancient Greek Hippocrates realise that nobody would trust a Dr., who had a vested interests in the medicine he dispensed. In the 21st century we have a generation of doctors, who depend on the money from cancer drugs. 80% of their income is linked to a one disease.
In 2002 three medical professors of the Moffitt were intrigued. If you applied ultrasound (5 W 40 kHz) to all 200 cancers out there, they gave off X-rays.
Any engineer or physicist would tell them they were doing nuclear fusion. I have a master's degree in metallurgy, and in 2001 I had devised the idea of molecular nuclear fusion.
1 H2O+P+US->He+O+E2+X-ray shared with medic friends
So there are our X-rays! There is no chemical source of X rays. We are doing nuclear fusion at body temperature. The cancer cells heat up by 16° C, as they emit X-rays.
I postulated that turn up the ultrasound power, would restrict cancer growth. The Moffitt cancer centre tried it, and found High Intensity UltraSound, was a one session cure to all cancers.

BMA - Staffing crisis in NHS laid bare, as new BMA analysis shows ... › News › Media centre › Press releases › Sep 2017
22 Sep 2017 - ... due to a chronic shortage of doctors across most areas of medicine. ... specialties in England went unfilled last year, with many specialties ...
I first used a 50 W 40 kHz device. The drug companies got the beauty people, to take the devices of markets. But ultrasound massage devices are so useful, they now use 8 W one MHZ.

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    • Just 1 minute of external application, causes cancer cells to boil and pop. Clearing the disease from the body.
      A 100% cure rate to all 200 cancers out there. A single 1 minute session-no Dr. or hospital required.
      2002 all cancer drugs became defective, criminal medicine. 2016 the UK Crown Court judged HIUS was the first cancer medicine.
      The medical world give up on biochemical treatments. They should also have given up on radio and chemotherapy plus cancer surgery.
      No registered Dr. was allowed to research or teach cancer drugs from 2002. No medical school could teach medical students these defective technology.
      GP's carried on with the same defective prescriptions that killed a third of mankind in the the 20th century. Not legal. Every such GP, stroke off for life.
      Health insurers voided. Medical practice criminal. Former doctors have taken 'early retirement'.
      They were struck off 2002. There must return of all ages over the last 16 years, and get no pension.
      Families who have lost relatives due to the medics biochemistry, get $16,000,000 per death. The GP is insurance was obviously revoked 16 years ago.
      Yet some of these individuals are still practising medicine. Illegally. They are not doctors. And have no Health Insurance. 1/3rd of the Health Centres in the UK have shut down.
      Another third are not using Locum's. These are temporary doctors, designed to cover staff shortages. They are not long-term solutions. To employ only Locum's, negates the value of local health centres. The 'Dr.' has no patient experience.
      They were taught defective cancer drugs, so I have never registered medics. Medical practice criminal.
      The other Health Centres, are using individuals who ceased to the doctors 16 years ago. They have no medical registration. Ceasing to have Health Insurance 16 years ago.
      Assisting nurses acted unethically in the air ministry fatal medicine. Also ceasing to be registered nurses 16 years ago.
      The latest idea, is a cancer is genetic.  Reddish.  All 200 types acancer share six enzymes with infectious disease.  An divides in a viral fashion.  It is caused by left over viral fragment from full infections.  With other RNA from other infections.
      I have cleared three lady friends of breast cancer.  One was due in in the Christie 2 days later, four press cancer surgery.  They opened her up, first no cancer, and dish device your with no medication.  As the Hippocratic oath demands.  No infection, no medicine!
      All my lady friends with breast cancer, cleared of the condition.  Using a 13 UK pounds ultrasonic moustache device -a medically licensed duty device.
      Cancer is not genetic.  It is left over from a full infection.  Medics even have the link, between specific viruses and there specific cancers.  Genetic testing is quack medicine.
      No possible value.  Totally spurious.  No registered Dr. Can be involved in that 'medicine'  .  For a totally cured problem.  Cancer cured 16 years ago..
      Ultrasound - cancer cure

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      Highly intensity ultrasound 150 W 40 kHz or 8W 1MHz applied externally, from a message device, just once will cure all the diseases of age!

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