Monday, 11 June 2018

Saving lives from thirst

Using a vacuum desalination will allow people in Africa to access pure, drinkable water from brown river water.
We have a telescopic stand linked by a flexible hose pipe to a solar or hand pump. The simple pump will draw the water up, and before it gets to one metre, it will boil off. We draw out pure water vapour.
Into a collecting jug. Where the Walter droplets will fill the jug up with liquid water. Totally pure, tasteless water. No salts, bacteria or heavy metals.
How easy is that! A hand driven pump. Using high school physics to purify brown river water. If the first world donates a little solar powered vacuum pump, we can fill a water tank with clean pure water, for the villagers use.
No higher pressures, or energy intensive industries. No fossil fuel burn. Free water for the world. There will never be another drought or famine.
Science taught me at Bolton school, 1976.

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