Friday, 8 June 2018

Power for the third world

We have a crank handle which powers up a capacitor. At 2000 volts we a fire up a 50x1cm glass tube. We have filled with steam from a boiling pan – via a hand pump. So the steam reache 4 atmospheres.
The plasma fires up – and we get 2.4MW of emissions free heat. No fossil fuel burn, and no hyper toxic nuuclear power: a process so toxic, you need a special licene and an 18 billion plant, plus 100 billion of annual insurance to do.
Our 200 dollar plant produces free heat. From a miniscule voulme of regular water. We feed 10-16cc of regular water a year, into a copper tube rapped around teh steam plasma tube. So we top up the steam plasma.
H2O+PL->E3+L+X-ray do it in a cellar, on the edge of the village. I like thermoelectric generators, but a small steam turbine is cheaper.

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As market leader of turbine industry, QNP 's market share is over 60% in China! Capacity: 500KW- 200MW. Max pressure: 14Mpa. Max temperature: 535℃. China Famous Brand. Services: Steam Turbine, Biomass Power, Combined Cycle, Concentrating Solar Power, Garbage Power.
We would sit the steam plasma tube in a water bath. Them have a 25x1cm steam plasam tube to give us steam at 580oC. So we get 300kW pf emissions free power. No fossil fuel burn, no nuclear power.
So we heat and light the village, and give it a metal working and glass industry. We put the village on the internet – via a radio link. We shrink the world – adn stop children dying at open fires – teh world'sleading 3rd world cause of child deaths,

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