Sunday, 3 June 2018

No world doctors

2002 the Moffitt cancer centre used high intensity ultrasound to clear cancer. All world doctors bought an 8 W 3 MHZ ultrasound device and confirmed the new medicine. Or they are stroke off as a Dr. 16 years ago. All medical practice criminal.
I use an 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device as my medically licensed HIUS source – 100% effective in 1 minute.  Use at home - no Dr or nurse.
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No Health Insurance. All academic medics bought a HIUS unit and confirmed this new medicine. There were prohibited from researching or teaching cancer drugs. Or again struck off for life. No medical student could legally be taught cancer drugs for 16 years.
This includes Bio medical treatments, chemotherapy and radiotherapy plus spectacularly defective cancer surgery. Any medical student taught 20th century cancer care, never a registered Dr..
Their Hippocratic oath voided. This applies all over the world. Foreign doctors also struck off. Any prescription or cancer drugs around the world, the individual not a Dr.. It is illegal to employ such individuals in Health Services around the world.
1/3rd of Health Centres in the UK have ceased trading. Another 1/3rd have lost all the doctors. And are employing Locum's. Locum's are designed to meet short term Dr. Vacancies. All Drs struck off. Not registered for legal medical practice.
It is not legal to employ them in place a long term practice doctor. In any case, they have all been taught defective, criminal cancer drugs. Not registered doctors. They cannot be employed within the NHS or other Health Services.
All cancer drug costs are returned by the Dr. to the Health Service. In the UK to the NHS, in the U.S. to the private health organisation.
The Dr. is removed from medical register. Medical practice then criminal. The Dr. receives 25 years in high security jail for every patient medicated to death. The family receives $16 million per patient murdered by their GP.
There are no doctors within the NHS, that have not prescribed or research defective cancer drugs since 2002. Patients and families get financial punitive payments.
Surviving cancer patients receive five million UK pounds. The Christie Cancer hospital, and all specialist cancer hospitals have operating illegally for 16 years.
They happily researchs and prescribed expensive biochemical treatments for 14 years. Totally illegal. All the Involed doctors are dismissed from all medical practice. Not just to cancer medicine. Doctors are excluded from all medicine.
2016 the UK Crown Court ruled that HIUS was more effective medicine and cancer drugs. Clearing all 200 cancers in one session! This ruling criminalised biochemical treatments, radio and chemotherapy plus cancer surgery.
For last two years, the Christie Cancer Hospital has fallen back on chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Developing these criminal medicines to eat be less defective. Killing in excess of 50% of patients.
Not legal. The Hippocratic N oath taken by a every registered Dr., Precludes any work on defective medicine. Once a diseases cures, other Medical Solutions to that illness cannot be researched by any registered Dr..
Cancer Research has not been legally able to do any research since 2002. All researching doctors and professors struck off the same day as they first did defective research. All doctors and professors who work for Cancer Research not legal doctors for 16 years.
Result s that lead to patient deaths, sentence the Involed doctors to 25 years in jail each. And a fine of $16 million. Such individuals not registered doctors for 16 years.
Where fossil or charitable donations raised by Cancer Research must be returned to source. Or given to legal charities. 10 million UK pounds for every resulting cancer patient death.
The jail time shared out among the executors the Cancer Research. Which instantly becomes the least attractive organisation on earth to work for.

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