Thursday, 7 June 2018

Heart disease cured 2012

No Statins - useless medicine!
Medics published the use of High intensity UltraSound to cure coronary heart disease 2012. Every medics purchased their 8 W 3 MHZ ultrasound device, purchased 2002 to verify HIUS cures cancers.
2002 the Moffitt cancer centre published 100 patient double blind trial on High Intensity UltraSound curing cancer. Since that July 2002, chemo and radio therapy plus surgery all became defective medicine. their use has been criminal.
10 million UK pounds as a fine for every patient death. And the drs get 25 years in jail, per death. Each Doctor causing 10,000 in 15 years.
All prescribing doctors and hospitals struck off for ever. HIUS causes the inflated bacterial structure causing coronary heart disease to pop.
1 H2O+P+US->He+O+E2+X-ray Every Doctor on Earth aware of this science now.
The abnormally inflated cell gives off X-rays, boiling cell contents to cause on the cell to pop. Clearing the cell type, and heart disease from the body.
Coronary heart disease totally cured, an published by medics to six years ago. I use an 8 W 1 MHZ ultrasound massage device, as my 100% effective HIUS unit.
Heart disease totally cleared at home no Dr. Involved. ½ minute HIUS application to the top left of the chest, and the kidneys.
All nurses and doctors you have ever worked with Statins are guilty of using defective medicine. And are barred from their medical registers for ever. Including all the nurses at the British Coronary Foundation.
Their medical health insurance was revoked 2012. They have no medical registration or medical practice. An illegal health scam.

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