Monday, 7 May 2018

Water for India

This is an 18th century idea. We take a Carnot gas, and pressurise it. We lose the heat to the high air, a lake or river.
At ground level we vent the pressure – as suddenly we have loads of cold gas. We pass this through loads of thin pipes in the open air. Hot air hits these, cools and passes through the pipes.
What was hot dry air, suddenly becomes cool mist. The mist drops bond together, and we get natural rain falling onto the parked Earth.
Which suddenly becomes wet, damp Earth. Seeds wake up, and what was desert is now lush Savannah.
What was a dry wind From Saudi Arabis, is now moist air. We have no annual drought. And get get water in the warm months.
Plants will grow like mad, and tie up the moisture in plant bulk.
Another idea is to use solar driven vacuum pumps. They suck sea water up 1m, and it boils – giving us pure water vapour. We transport this moisture in shore – it takes 1,000 times less energy than pumping water.
So when we vent the pressure, over a mountain range, we get water drops bonding to fal las rain. No salt. No more are we dependant on natural rain. We suck our own fresh water from the seas. No dangerous, expensive and pricey high pressures. No filtration pads.
Cheaper than pumped reservoir water.

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