Sunday, 6 May 2018

Warm Scotland

We have a net work of steam plasma tubes ove the land. Best done along a valey. They have dots of UV and visible phosphors on – so we get UV and visibel light, as well as heat light.
A 1m x 2cm phosphors liberates 8.6MW of heat. We convert 20% of this into UV and visible. Plants do photosynthesis, using UV light.
We form the steam plasma into a loop, and have this in a closed hot air balloon. The heat light will warm the air – like a gas burner. We have 1 little sun every ½ mile.
Suddenly we give Scotland the climate of the Canaries – with more rain. Plant will love it – suckling CO2 out of the air. There is only 2 parts per million CO2 in the air, rising to 4ppm over snow covered lands.
We will not only get snow on mountain tops. Scotland will be more productive than Kent. And each steam plasma tube will use 4x10-14cc of regular water a year.
Use this idea also in Canada and Siberia. The local verdant ecosystems will tie up massive water in the local area. Depressing sealevels.
Waterfall Fusion
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