Thursday, 3 May 2018

The Christie has no Doctors

All the nurses and pharmacists who work there also struck off. The professors of medicine from Manchester university also struck off – invalidating the medical degrees of all medical gradates from 2002. Their Hippocratic oaths invalidated – never registered Doctors. Medical practise criminal.
The same applies to all medical Doctors around the world. They all validated High Intensity UltraSound cleared cancer 2002, after the Moffitt published a paper about HIUS and cancer. They all bought an 8W 3Mhz ultrasound device – yet continued to research defective, criminal medicine.
Instant expulsion from medicine. Biochemical treatments, radio and chemo therapy plus cancer surgery all criminal medicine. No Doctor, or anybody else could research, or teach.
The medical students were taught biological rubbish – and are expelled from medicine for ever. Their patients have a claim for medical malpractice.
Up to $16 million for a patient death. This applies to Harvard and Cambridge, who carried on researching defective cancer medicine – though the Hippocratic oath prohibits research of CURED diseases.
Doctors expelled from medicine for life. Paying massive sums for medical malpractice.
Without medicine, Cambridge and Manchester are bankrupt. But at least people in the UK get to live. Since 2002, medical prescriptions have killed 10 million – 1/6th of the UK population. Such criminal medicine. All involved Doctors are struck off, to face criminal trial.
Can the National Health Service function with no registered Doctors, nurses or pharmacists. They have for 16 years. The US has the world worst cancer cure rate – all those defective cancer drugs.
 If your General Practitioner writes out a prescription, If it is cancer drugs relax – he is just killing you.
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