Monday, 14 May 2018

Space plane

We want to travel in space, as there is no air resistance. We start a jet plane as now, but the exhaust manifold is porous, and boils off water. We use this in place of the combustion products.
We can try this out in the lab, on a toy jet engine. A running jet engine does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+TU->E2+L+X-ray matter into massive heat, X-rays and light. We do this via a rear mounted engine, separated from the passenger space by 5mm of FeO. Once the Molecular Nuclear Fusion is establish, turn off the Fossil Fuels burn.

Electromagnetic Radiation in Bio-Tissue: A ... - OMICS International
18 Jul 2013 - Keywords: Electromagnetic radiation; Wi-Fi; FEM; Specific absorption rate ... Italy Via Graziella loc. Feo di Vito 89060 Reggio Calabria, Italy, .... space wave vector, and ╬Ár is the permittivityfor a vacuum (56). Constant values of ...
Though to be honest, we don't bother with jet engines – but we should. A water jet engine should produce 250kW of power. Free of the need to compress and pass through air, with will reach 7,000mph. Australia to the UK in 2 hours flying time.
Live in Australia, work in the UK. Houses and land are so much cheaper in Australia.
If you walk around an operating steam turbine, as I did in 1983, you get hit with a bolt of radiation – as the steam doe Face Centred Cubic Molecular Nuclear Fusion.

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