Thursday, 10 May 2018

Free, safe and clean power

Not hyper toxic uranium nuclear fission – this turn enriched uranium into plutonium and strontium – a nuclear plant sprays over a continent every 25 years. The USA suffered 3 Mile Island 28 March 1979 – if my memory is right.
Statistically EDF is most over due for a triple core melt down. - like Chernobyl or Fukishima. Every nuclear plant on Earth now needs insurance of 100 billion a year.
Not commercially available – so they bribed the nuclear regulator and made up Global Warming: the natural climate started COOLING naturally 1995 – such things are controlled by natural solar cycle. Half wave length 28 years – the next warming 2023.
If nuclear incidents have not extinguished all life on Earth by them. It is what nuclear power doe – kill!
But heavy rain or snow does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+TU->He++O++3e-+E2+X-ray

energy - Fusing Hydrogen with lightning - Physics Stack Exchange
2 Nov 2015 - The presence of gamma rays and positrons associated with lightning strikes suggests that the strikes are capable of accelerating particles with ...
So 5 tonnes of helium gas from a lightening strike – every 3 minute through out the year. Each lightening strike releases 2.5x1030W. Totally natural, clean power. We lose the He gas to space.
We pump air over the plasma tube. To explain, we have a 50x1cm glass tube, filled with steam at 4 atmospheres. We borrow the electronics from a fluorescent light, and once established, the plasma self sustains. Releasing 2.4MW of constant heat.
A thermoelectric generator will turn into 288kW. The plant cost $1,200 to build. And we get emission free power for life. No C)2, NO/NO2 (NOx), SO2.
CO2 capped at 2 parts per million by natural photosynthesis on sea or land. Fertilized by NOx and SO2. So NOx capped at 4 parts per billion.
CO2 reaches 4 ppm above the Arctics in winter – air temperature -50oC. NOx reaches 8ppb. Neither of these gases has any climate effect – that is crazy fiction from the paid pens of nuclear power. Who never insist on an immediate stop order on all nuclear plants, with no adequate insurance.
House of Lords, forget BREXIT, shut down nuclear power before it kills us all. If you live in France, it was good knowing you. Get a nuclear protection suite today. Won't save your life from the EDF incident – but at least you feel you are doing something.
So the grid will buy a constant 280kW of safe, clean, emission free power from us. No Fossil Fuels burn – and certainly no illegal nuclear fission from uranium: the 'science' of Hades. Just don't mention the insurance.
So power from regular water. 2.6 million UK pounds as an annual cheque from the power company. That now shuts down the 9 remaining nuclear plants in the UK. There were 21 2 years ago.
Then the conventional plants shut down. No oil or gas burn. The price of crude oil will fall to 20% of the pre-1974 oil price hike. Gas production becomes uneconomic. All the OPEC countries go for cash hand outs from the IMF.
The middle East goes so insolvent – making for a safer world. Each plasma plant uses 3x10-14cc of regular water a year. No we couldn't measure it when we were looking at steam plasmas 2001. Before my PhD got ended – for no reason.
Each steam plasma plant can power 300 houses will 0 emission, safe, clean and free power. Global Warming? Crazy nuclear fiction from last millennia. For the stupid to believe.
Any scientist who ever wrote a paper on Global Warming, sacked. Returning all wages to 1984. Getting no pension.

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