Friday, 4 May 2018

Free power

We do the electrolysis of water, to get at H gas. The oxygen has high commercial value. But if we do H fission, using E=mc2, we get at 1018W of power. Matter is such a dense form of power.
It is 2 times as dynamic as H fusion. We form Helium, and so heavier elements. The sun's corona consume around 5,000 tonnes of H per second. Only some of this forms heavier elements – half ends up as heat, light and X-rays.
So me supervisor was wrong, a H plasma does H fusion, but also fission. The most important action, is the amalgamation of H ions and electrons, to form neutrons.
1 H++e- ->n0
We do get H fusion
2 2H++PL->He2+
Now we get Helium gas and neutrons in interaction. Neutrons do not band with fast moving electrons.
3 1He2++2n0 ->3He2++PL->2H+-E back to hydrogen.
A steam plasma does not form He gas – this is why. It fissions back into H ions.
The big energy release is from h fission. This idea I had to work out. And it is so important to energy production. No Fossil Fuels burn, no hyper toxic, radioactive waste.

This means every nuclear power plant in the world needs insurance of 100 billion. They make do with 50 million – and bribe the nuclear regulator. Biggest crime out there.
4 H++n0+n0 ->E2+L+X-ray 3H is tritium – which fission naturally
Low power X-rays, and not too much light. Massive amounts of heat. A 50x1cm H plasma tube produces 5MW. We need to sit it in a water bath, and get steam at 170.3oC, 8 atmospheres. We generate power, using a thermoelectric generator. A solid state device.

Build a Thermoelectric Generator, Like the Ones That Power Deep ...
21 Dec 2017 - The phrase "heat engine" might trigger some bad memories from your introductory thermodynamics course. But don't worry, I am going to show you the coolest heat engine you could possibly image—the thermoelectric generator (TEG). The basic idea behind a heat engine is to draw some useful energy ...
So we get 10% heat to power efficiency, From 2.4MW, to 240kW of emission free power. No Fossil Fuels burn, or hyper toxic uranium nuclear power: again, all U nuclear power criminally under insured. No CO2, NO2 or SO2. All these gases are converted into extra life on Earth, within 5 minutes by plants and bacteria on land and sea.
CO2 capped at the global average of 2 parts per million: 4ppm above the Arctics, or in an ice age. NO/NO2 at 4 parts per billion. 8 ppb above the Arctics.

Sulphur Dioxide (SO2): annual mean concentrations in Europe ...
30 Apr 2013 - Air pollution. Interactive maps and data viewers. ... The map shows the annual mean concentrations of Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) in Europe based on daily averages with at least 75% of valid measurements, in µg/m3 (source: EEA, AirBase v.8 & AQ e-Reporting).
µg/m3 – that is a miniscule trace gas. Ad-blue scrubs emissions out of diesel exhausts. Why? Emission converted into active life within 5 minutes. No possible effect on the weather. Emission levels double above the Arctics – where there is no active life. Global Warming such science rubbish.
Thought up by the paid stooges to nuclear power – so obviously not suitable people to be in education, or writing for the media. Sack them – and reclaim the wages to 1984: the year of Chernobyl. When every nuclear plant on Earth operated without sufficient insurance. Totally illegally – as today.
So we can use the power of lightening to replace Fossil Fuels burning, and hyper criminal U nuclear power.
Fossil Fuels release only 45kW of heat. AS they do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
5 CmHn+pO2+PL->(mCO2+(n-r)H2O-E)+r(E2+He+O+X-ray)
Oxidising the C radical takes in heat. But the Molecular Nuclear Fusion we do releases massive heat. If we Ti plate the boiler plate or engines insides, we double the Molecular Nuclear Fusion. The same power from half the Fossil Fuels burn. For a $400 dollar Ti electro plate.
Cars sold with a Ti plate, will have twice the power of a normal engine. Or burn half the fuel. A steam plasma tube is 90 times as dynamic as a U fission tube.
It converts regular water into heat. No toxic waste. And at 4 atmospheres, the plasma self sustains – started using the starter from a fluorescent light. No U fission. A steam plasma is totally non toxic, and massively more dynamic.
And nuclear power will have got it working in the lab. But they have financial links to the U enrichment people, so will not abandon their illegal, hyper toxic, uninsurable trade. Totally criminal, for 33 years.
They bought off the nuclear regulators – but there are higher, non financially compromised lawyers.
We can replace all Fossil Fuels burning, with steam plasma tubes. 2.4MW, against only 0.045MW. No CO2, NOx, SO2. After 17 years, nuclear power gave up on CO2: 13 years after all academics had given up work on CO2.
CO2 at a global average of a static 2ppm. They moved on to NOx, global static average 4ppb. Static trace gases affect nothing. Only supporting all life on Earth.
O2 is the waste gases excrete by plants.
5 mCO2+(n+r)H2O+Luv ->(Cm(H2O)n-E)+r(He+O+E3+X-ray+Lb) So plants take in UV light, and emit a faint blue light. CO2 plant food, NOx and SO2 plant fertilizer. The N and S end up in the carbohydrates.
How long to get a working steam plasma tube engineered. Any engineering work shop can do it in the lunch hour. They tube all their machines, so in 1 week, they cease to burn Fossil Fuels.
Each tube using 3x10-14cc of regular water – a year. Expect the oil price to crash terminally next week. You have money in oil? Kills it good bye – it is gone.
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