Thursday, 3 May 2018

Fix kidney and liver damage

Then no medic is allowed to medicate a patient. I clear a friend of kidney damage, but he was given aggressive chemo by the Christie, and in two weeks he was dead. This is so criminal.
No transplantation – no growing your own organ for later transplantion.
For the liver you need 1 minute of 8W 1MHz ultrasound. I use a medically licensed massage device – a medically licensed beauty device. Totally safe for home use.

Ultrasound >180W 40kHz causes deep tissue burns. Even 20W 1MHz is totally safe for home use.
½ a minute of this High Intensity UltraSound with clear all kidney disease. The infected kidney cell are cleared, and replaced from the body's intact stem cells.
I would advocate doing 1 kidney, then two weeks away the other kidney. This avoids the sudden dip in kidney function – that maybe prompted the aggressive chemo.
This even clears late stage, inoperabel liver cancer. Agani do ½ the liver, then two weeks later the other ½.

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