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Doctors strike themselves off

smiling mass killers
On entering medical service, every registered Doctor promises to be aware of, validate and them use new medicine. Or strike themselves off – for life. Medical practice then criminal. They lose health insurance – so medical practice doubly criminal.
They do no pledge to hide behind the AMA or General Medical Council. They promise to validate and them use new medicine. A very secure system.
So in 2002 3 medical professors used High Intensity UltraSound to cure cancer. The paper stayed live for 8 years: deleting it so criminal – the Moffitt expelled from medicine 8 years ago.#
By then every medic had read and validated High Intensity UltraSound: which was why all medics would change the subject and not talk about HIUS from 2002.
I read about this work in 2010, in a charity cancer magazine at Salford Royal. Read by every Doctor or nurse in the National Health Service. All National Health Service staff had read (and for Doctors validated) High Intensity UltraSound 2002. Cancer drugs them criminal medicine.
I read about the work, and used a medically ;licensed 150W 40kHz ultrasound massage device. Drug companies pressurised the beauty firms, so 8W 1MHz is a commercially sourced, more effective High Intensity UltraSound source.
It sets of Molecular Nuclear Fusion – which I told Sheffield University 2001 – and they ended my PhD, thinking I would transfer to a medical PhD at Cambridge – the offer never came.
All cancer cells have to be pressurised, in order to induce body cells to devide, and grow in a viral way. We also need viral RNA at the end of the cells DNA – cancer is a viral rump disease. Needing 6 enzymes from infectious disease.
Ignored by the immune system, as the cell does no damage – just grows to the limit and denude the immune system of power. So we die from opportunistic infections.
If we apply High Intensity UltraSound externally, such inflated cells do Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
1 H2O+P+US->He+O+E2+X-ray
So cancer cells fill up with micro bubbles, and shoot up past 60oC, at which point the cell is dead. They reach 120oC, and boil. Causing the cell to pop – and clear the infection. Now the body sees the novel cell type as dangerous, makes and actions the human antibody to clear the cell type.
No targetting, or ½ million UK pound equipment like radio therapy – criminal medicine for 16 years. No registered Doctor could prescribe or research it – without the same day striking themselves off the medical register.
Chemo therapy and biochemical treatments were designed to slow cancer growth, so you died in 2 years rather than 6 months. High Intensity UltraSound clears all cancers totally – so cancer drugs also defective medicine for 16 years. No Doctor could prescribe or research them – without being struck off the same day.
Medics gave up on biochemical treatments, so fell back on more defective chemo and radio therapies. Not legal. They are methods of culling cancer patients – as Teresa Jowell found out. They are fatal, criminal medicine. A dearer death than flying over to EXIT in Switzerland. Just as fatal.
The Christie Hospital charges 5,000 UK pounds to kill you using biochemical treatments, radio and chemo therapies, and cancer surgery. All criminal medicine for 16 years. Very expensive euthanasia – though 50% of the patients live. 100% with High Intensity UltraSound at home – without the Doctor or hospital. For 12 UK pounds.
All Doctors or professors who have worked at the Christie for the last 16 years all struck off – included all current Doctors. Nurses can use their High Intensity UltraSound devices to cure all cancers there today. Then the nurses are also struck off – for assisting with fatal medicine. All wages for the last 16 years must be repaid, and they get no pension.
All cancer Doctors who have taken early retirement must repay all wages and get no pension. And return all other medical income: e.g. book writing – all the books shredded.
So cancer patients can get an High Intensity UltraSound device from the internet, or use a GPs validated device, to buzz away their cancers today.
And get return off ALL medical fees – not just for cancer medicine. Foir all medicien done by the struck off Doctors. Families get $16 million for every family member iklled by Doctor prescribed defective cancer medicine. Around the world this mounts up t o500 trillion. 3 times the worth of the planet.
And all Ds get 4 millennia in high security prison – good luck on surviving 1 year. Prisoners families have also been killed by the struck off Doctors.
All members at the AMA/GMC also struck off 2002. All legal judgement supporting these 'Doctors' reversed. Compatible drug firms are no more allowed to make cancer drugs than Western drug firms. Illegal medicine.
Врачи забастовку себя от
При поступлении на медицинское обслуживание, каждый зарегистрированный врач обещает быть в курсе, проверить и использовать новые лекарства.  Или поразить себя-на всю жизнь.  Медицинская практика, то уголовное.  Они теряют медицинское страхование-так медицинской практике вдвойне уголовного.
Они не обязуются прятаться за AMA или общим медицинским советом.  Они обещают подтвердить, и они используют новые лекарства.  Очень безопасная система.
Таким образом, в 2002 3 медицинских профессоров использовали высокую интенсивность ультразвука для лечения рака.  Газета оставалась в живых в течение 8 лет: удаление это так уголовное-Моффитт изгнан из медицины 8 лет назад. #
К тому времени каждый медик прочитал и утвердил ультразвук высокой интенсивности: именно поэтому все медики изменят тему и не будут говорить о ОИИДХ с 2002.
Я читал об этой работе в 2010, в благотворительном журнале рак на Salford Royal.  Читать каждый врач или медсестра в национальной службе здравоохранения.  Все национальные службы здравоохранения прочитали (а для врачей подтверждено) высокую интенсивность ультразвука 2002.  Рак наркотики их криминальной медицине.
Я читал о работе, и использовал медицинскую; лицензированный 150W 40kHz ультразвуковой массаж устройства.  Фармацевтические компании оказывали давление на фирмы красоты, поэтому 8W 1MHz является коммерческим источником, более эффективным источником ультразвука высокой интенсивности.
Это наборы молекулярного ядерного синтеза-который я сказал Шеффилд университета 2001-и они закончили мою докторскую диссертацию, думая, что я бы перейти к медицинской PhD в Кембридже-предложение так и не пришли.
Все раковые клетки должны быть под давлением, с тем чтобы вызвать клетки тела, чтобы разделить, и расти в Вирусный путь.  Мы также нуждаемся в вирусной РНК в конце клеток ДНК-рак является вирусной болезнью крупа.  Нуждающихся 6 ферментов от инфекционных заболеваний.
Игнорируется иммунной системой, как клетка не имеет повреждений-просто растет до предела и обнаженной иммунной системы власти.  Так что мы умираем от оппортунистических инфекций.
Если мы применяем ультразвук высокой интенсивности извне, 

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