Sunday, 13 May 2018

Chemo is most fatal medicine

Berkley and Princeton Universities have both noted, the major cause of death for cancer patients is the chemotherapy their Doctors prescribe. What the hell!
We are watching Doctors biochemming patients to death for money. Tessa Jowell is interesting, as a friend of mine gave her High Intensity UltraSound. And she rallied. So Doctors gave her aggressive chemo, and she died.
This is blatant medical murder. Did her ultrasound scans show she even had cancer as she was poisoned by the Doctors?
I have High Intensity UltraSound to a fiend with kidney cancer here in Manchester, the Christie took him away, gave him aggressive chemo, until he died in 2 weeks.
The medicine is worse than the illness. The Hippocratic oath is clear. STOP chemo. Strike off all Doctors that have biochemmed a patient to death. And ensure every Dr uses the 8W 3MHz ULTRASOUND DEVICE, THEY VALIDATED CLEARED ALL CANCERS 2002.
Not to have validated the Moffitt paper, struck the Doctor off 2002 anyway.
That is right, all Doctors have the device to cure cancers, but will not use it – as it makes them no money. Hippocrates said 'best medicine at what ever price'. He did not say 'the dearest medical treatment' All Doctors that have prescribed cancer treatments after all cancer was cured with High Intensity UltraSound 2002, ceased to be registered Doctors 2002.
The must repay all wages, get no pension and stand criminal trial: 25 years in prison and a fine of $16 million for ever patient biochemmed to death. Radio therapy also criminally defective for 16 years. Money to the next of kin – 500 trillion.

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