Monday, 14 May 2018

Bad medicine

2002 the Moffitt published the use of High Intensity UltraSound to cure all cancers. Every medic academic read this paper, and spent $10,000 on a High Intensity UltraSound device. Other medics backed away – this was the cost of medicating 5 patients to death. And it would cure 1,000 patients a year.
Read about the High Intensity UltraSound work 2010. I had originally thought of the idea, but by ending my PhD, Sheffield University had stopped me working on the idea. I read about the work at Salford Royal. MHS hospital. In a magazine read by every Doctor and nurse in the UK.
I fired up the internet 'When do ultrasound burns cut in?' I asked. '180W 40kHz' was the reply. I looked at a beauty ultrasound, 150W 40kHz. So it would cause cancer cells to boil – exactly as the Moffitt had found. It set off Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+P+US ->He+O+E2+X-ray
My PhD supervisor had been trying to get me interested in the formation of micro bubbles by ultrasound. We didn't think off Molecular Nuclear Fusion until 2004. Though I had suggested fluid turbulence setting off Nuclear Fusion in 2001.
Things move on, and the beauty people now use 8W 1MHz. 25W 1MHz cause ultrasound burns to body tissues. So medics had a 1 session cure to all cancer. High Intensity UltraSound clears cancers and HIV in 1 minute. For HIV ½ a minute each side of the chest.
But drug companies pay drug commission. This was stopped in 2012, but drug companies still give medics free holidays and subsidised conferences – they are paid to give talks at. Talking about defective, criminal medicine.
Now people can buy their own 8W 1MHz ultrasound 'wand' and cure all cancers. See a Doctor – he will delight in biochemming you to death. Like Teresa Gowell. Who was HIUSed by a friend of mine.
No cancer – but still poisoned by the Doctor, for profit.  Release her most recent ultrasound scans.

Ultrasound - cancer cureBy Jonathan M Thomason
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Highly intensity ultrasound 150 W 40 kHz or 8W 1MHz applied externally, from a message device, just once will cure all the diseases of age!

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