Saturday, 31 March 2018

Cure your own cancer

You can get the health centre nurse to use their verified safe, 8W 3MHz ultrasound device externally on your cancer. Until you feel warming. Do the liver for the same time, and half the time each arm pit and side of the head.
Or you buy and use an 8W 1MHz device, for 1 minute etc., on the cancer primary. You next General Practitioner or Doctor appointment, they legally MUST fully discharge you.
Keep up with the meds, unless they make you very ill. You don't need them, but unti lyou are discharged you should.
Total cancer cure, for under 20 UK pounds.

ALL Doctors and nurses struck off

2002 the Moffitt cancer centre used High Intensity UltraSound to cure prostate cancer. It works for all 200 cancers.
Cancer Is CuredBy Jonathan M Thomason
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We live in remarkable times. Xi years ago American medics cure to cancer. Using no drugs or surgery. Just a single application of high intensity ultrasound. This book explains how it works! It... More >
I have found 8W 1MHz to be effective High Intensity UltraSound – clearing all cancers in 1 minute. I also give 1 minute to the liver and known secondaries, plus ½ a minute to each arm pit and side of the head.

1MHz Ultrasonic Facial Care Ultrasound Massager Skin Care Machine Massage Beuaty



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Every Doctor on Earth had to confirm this science – or ceased to be Doctors 16 years ago. They then had to use it – and abandon cancer drugs, radio therapy and surgery. Or again ceased to be Doctors – oh yes, all Doctors then struck off.
They did not! Resultingly 50 million patietns died in expensive agony – in just 2 years from diagnosis. Criminal medicine.
The Doctor and assisting nurses all struck off for life – a fine of $16 million, and 25 years in high security prison. Further medical practice criminal.
But the drug firms bought off the AMA/GMC etc.. So the biggest deliberate homicide in history occurred – by our health givers, turned mass murders. Still going on.
All barred from medical practice 2002. So all National Health Service Doctors and nurses struck off 16 years ago. Further medical practice criminal.
Cancer, diabetes, mental health problems and heart disease all result from a lengthy infection. Untreated flu causes cancers. Cold remedies lead onto fatal disease.
High Intensity UltraSound to each side of the chest, throat and nose, plus 20 seconds each side of the lower torso clears all infections totally – stopping cancers etc.. Heart disease is caused by an inflated bacterial structure – spun off from bacterial infections. Cleared by High Intensity UltraSound.
That is why medics got so excited about Australian flu. But use of their 8W 3MHz device cleared all cases at 1 session. No prescription of defective cold remedies. The disease going to kill 300,000 of us, cured in a weekend.
So no sudden spike of cancer cases. Worse, 81% of cancers are now being totally cured at home or ethical General Practitioner surgeries. So in 2 years, there will be no cancers. Present cancer patients who stick with the Doctor, all dead.
All cancer patients at home who have used High Intensity UltraSound totally better. Never contracting cancer again. So no cancers, diabetes, heart disease, mental health problems or flu. What will Doctors do? Start their 4 millennial jail terms – they certainly are not registered Doctors, for 16 years.
The last 16 years of wages repaid – getting no pensions. For Doctors and nurses. Only Doctors who have adopted High Intensity UltraSound, not imprisoned for life.

Free gold and power

Carbon and nitrogen 0 power – no Fossil Fuels burn or hyper toxic nuclear power. Every operating nuclear power plant needs annual insurance of 100 billion. So all nuclear power illegal.
If we have a stream or river running through our land, we get a drilling firm in. The use ground sonar to locate a magma pocket 34m down. If none, then we can drill down 34m to the river of super heated, gold laden water that orbits the Earth, and use a slug of high explosive to create a magma pocket.
We get up enough water to run a 40kW steam turbine or thermoelectric generator. Uk Generator 40kw – Alibaba. Or Powerstream Ascari 12kW Electric Flowboilers (4kW-12kW variable at installation)
We are looking at $1000 for a 12mW rig. Enough for 1.5 houses. 40KW, 5 houses, with carbon and nitrogen 0 house: CO2 doubles in the Arctic over winter. With air temperatures at -50oC. Photosynthesis pegs CO2 at just 2 parts per million. Higher numbers, nuclear funded fiction.
The drill company gives us free power, until the gold and excess power has paid for the drill hole. Then the firm moves on. And we never get a power bill ever again. The power company send us a cheque!
Nuclear power the 4th biggest human source of CO2: guys shut the hell up!” Power generation just uses our exit, waste steam. But will generate as much income as our gold. The water comes up, superheated at 280oC. With gold, silver, platinum and copper dust in.
1st year undergraduate metallurgy at Sheffield University 1983. This is why this source of hot water has never been used – the metal dust.
We vent the steam from 8 atmospheres, to just 7.8. It boils into dirty steam. We pass through a rugardised Dyson dry cleaner. Made from steel, rather than plastic. We collect our metal dust.
And sell on to process into metal ingots. The company pays us by the metal content – 40% gold. A rich gold seam has just 1% in. The interior of Australia is an ideal location.
We double the amount of gold in man's possession in just 2 years. I have been blogging about this for 6 years, 4 computers. Gold prices are declining steadily, as 15,000 plants are now operational.
Oil prices are also declining – Saudi Arabia called an OPEC meeting 6 months ago. To agree quota cuts – as if they matter. The world is going over to clean, carbon 0 Earth power.
After we take the gold out, we generate our 40kW of power – each house only needs 8kW. Gold is largely useless – in ancient Egypt, gold was cheaper than brass! The Earth's core contain 455 million tonnes of gold.
Man only had 2,000 tonnes – through 2,000 years of mining. Now he has 2,600 and rising. The oil price will keep declining, until Saudi Arabia extracts 0 tonnes of oil every year. As the world has lost interest in Fossil Fuels.

Doctors cured cancer 2002

The Moffitt Cancer Centre published the use of 1 session of High Intensity UltraSound to cure cancer. It sets of Molecular Nuclear Fusion, which blows inflated cells like cancer, viruses included HIV away.
1 H2O+P+US->He+O+X-ray
All virus type cells, included cancers, must have an inflated nature to induce body cell to bud and grow. Body cells bud off intact stem cells, and are more flaccid – and never divide.
HIV takes just ½ a minute of High Intensity UltraSound to each side of the chest to clear. Verified by every Doctor 2002. So patients get cured and all AIDs fees back. The Doctor is struck off.
A struck off Doctor can't practice medicine. So patients get all medical fees back for 16 years. Your General Practitioner struck off for life.
This is the source of the X-rays medics should use to detect cancers. The Christie do not – but they insist on prescribing defective criminal cancer drugs. No registered Doctors since 2002. So their prescriptions are not legal. No pharmacist can legally fill any cancer drug prescription for 16 years. Or they are struck off for life. To face criminal trial.
25 years in prison, and a fine of 10 million UK pounds for every professional involved in medicating cancer patients to death.
So every National Health Service Doctor and nurse struck off 16 years ago. They must repay all wages, and get no pension. Theresa May's extra money for the National Health Service will never reach the struck off nurses and Doctors.

What's happening to nursing numbers? - Full Fact

You can buy an 8W 1MHz ultrasound unit, and blow your cancers away. 1 minute externally to the primary, known secondaries and liver. Plus ½ a minute each arm pit and side of the head.
Personally validated by every global Doctor 2002: or struck off for life. Cancer drug prescriptions then illegal, criminal medicine.
Doctors protest 'They only cost $3,000 to provide an agonising 2 year decline to death. Of which we get only $300.' 10,000 times since High Intensity UltraSound was published.
$300,000 – Doctors are paid killers. Legally not allowed to prescribe defective medicine. All cancer drugs defective since 2002.
No muse could help administer them since 2002. The Royal College of Nursing in the UK, has never explained why they permit nurses to help with fatal medicine: totally contrary to the Nightingale Pledge. So ever nurse automatically struck off 2002.
High up nurses have taken the Hippocratic oath, and were under the legal imperative 2002 to inform other nurses not to help with biochemical treatments and chemo therapy. The medical world has given up on biochemical treatments.
But specialist cancer hospitals like the Christie have retrenched around the even more defective chemo therapy.
My step father was being treated for cancer, but I use an 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device to buzz his caner away.
The Christie Hospital questioned and discharged him. 'Ultrasound – we don't use it' they said. High Intensity UltraSound is best cancer medicine – they have no choice. Or all the Doctors were struck off: 2002 – 16 years ago.
Since when they have medically murdered 50% of their cancer patients. By using defective biochemical treatments, chemo and radio therapy – plus cancer surgery.
Each family gets 10 million UK pounds as a legal fine. The Doctor gets 25 years in jail – and struck off 16 years ago.
3 professors from Manchester University help develop more effective chemo therapy. How? The Hippocratic oath prohibits work on defective medicine. Or the professor/Dr struck off for life. To face criminal trial and a billion pound fine.
Manufacturing cancer drug firms all struck off for ever: again to face serious jail time and fines. A continental fine. And every worker will die in high security prison.
The same sanctions face all Doctors and nurses. Who would be well advised to move to Argentina and change their names 5 times.  Get my book 'High Intensity UltraSound cancer'
Ultrasound cures cancer...By Jonathan M Thomason
Paperback: £6.51 (excl. VAT)
Prints in 3-5 business days
High intensity ultrasound will clear all the diseases of age! Saving 22,000,000 lives a year on earth

Friday, 30 March 2018

Replacing fuel oil

With regular water. No CO2, NO/NO2 (NOx), SO2 and water vapour. CO2 is plant food. NOx and SO2 are plant fertilizer. As we have scrubbed more SO2 from engine exhausts, we have had to increase the sulphates in plant fertilizer.
Major source of water vapour, water falls and evaporation of water from sea, lakes and glaziers. The major Global Warming gas is water vapour – totally naturally.
1 H2O+L->He+O+E2+X-ray
So light turns water vapour into helium and oxygen gas, X-rays and massive heat. 1018W per fusion reaction. From 10-12cc of matter. That is why so much of the Earth is habitable.
The world spends a fortune on the Haber process – Wikipedia to add ammonia to fertilizer. Diesel and petrol engines produce NOx naturally – adding nitrates to plant food sources. The petrol cycle adds 25% more CO2 and SO2 to the air, for every W of engine power. Major n atural source of NOx – lightening.
CO2 capped at 2 parts per million by photosynthesis on land and in the seas. NOx just 4 parts per billion - static from before man even evolved.
CO2 levels double every year in the Arctic winter. To 4 ppm. Air temperature at -50oC. Global Warming and man-made Climate Change fiction devised by nuclear power. Who need, but do not have 100 billion of annual insurance per power plant. No insurance above 1 billion available.
The answer was given to me, to free carbon 0 power, during my PhD 2001, at Sheffield University.
Every 3 minute around the Earth, there is a lightening strike. That produces 5 toinnes of helium gas, as it does Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
1 H2O+PL->He2++O++3e-+E2+X-ray E2=2.5x1030W
More power in 3 seconds, than man has ever released – included his nuclear weapons. Every 3 minutes throughout the year. This fixes massive NOx, which falls from the skies as nitrous and nitric acids – to fertilizer plant growth naturally.
From a 2cm wide, 1.5km steam plasma. A 50x1cm steam plasma in a glass tube does H fission, and releases 2.4MW of heat.
2 H2O+PL->E3+L+X-ray
A commercially available thermoelectric generator will produce 288kW of mains AC power. Enough carbon 0, non toxic power for 300 homes. No CO2, NO2, SO2, H2O.
We can use the electronics from a fluorescent light to fire up the plasma. At 4 atmosphere it self sustains. Using 9x10-14cc of regular water a year: we couldn't measure it either, when we fired up a plasma 2001.
It did take me until 2017 to understand it – I was busy writing songs and singing. Best bargain today – Diesel cars. OPEC made them out to be polluters – but they release 25% LESS CO2 and NOx.

Free car and submarine travel

We use lightening power. Lightening is set up by rain or snow fall, doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+TU->He2++O++3e-+E2+X-ray
This is why heavy rain gives out X-rays, and warms the air. In a glass tube we do the twice as energetic H fission
2 xH++e-+PL->x n0 the plasma turns free electrons and Hydrogen ions into strings of neutrons. So we get 12 or 3 neutrons. Regular water, 1. But the plasma enriches the hydrogen to 2H or 3H.
When the neutrons interact with oxygen ions, they set off a fission chain
3 16O++4n0 ->6H++e-
They oxygen ends up as H ions. The we get our big energy release
4 2H++n0 ->L+X-ray+2n0 actual number of neutrons needs to be measured. It depends on your rig.
We borrow the electronics from a fluorescent light, and fire up a 25x1cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres. This produces 600kW of heat at 780oC. We power a fan, to blast cold air across the tube, to get hot air at 780oC.
Alternately we boil off water, to 120oC. And get 4 times as much hot fluid. We pass this across a thermoelectric generator.
The cold end is provided by a large radiator, with metal spines. We produce 75kW of heat. Static, we use the hot air to heat a house.
A car needs just 8kW to run. A helicopter needs just 45kW. I have left plenty of room for errors in my calculations, and your rig. We drive a car no petrol or diesel.
We fly between cities – and only land for the last 2 miles. No C)2 of NO/NO2. No Fossil Fuels burn. Clean, safe and free power – that produces no hyper toxic radioactive waste. If you drove a car using uranium fission, it would need 5 billion of insurance a year.
And a special license to handle radioactive materials. The ultimate target for a suicide bomber to make a dirty bomb on the streets of New York.
We could use a 50x1cm steam plasma tube to drive a large under water submarine. That needs no radioactive material. Again, a submarine is the ultimate target for a terrorist dirty bomb.
They locate you using your radio transmission, then inflict 40 million of damage on the owning power. At harbour in the US, blowing up a nuclear submarine would make a 30km half radius uninhabitable for ever. And fill 34 million people – included YOU.

Clearing Mitochondrial illness

This is quite technical – stick with it, I come down to an easy cure. Or if you are Peter Kaye, just skip to the cure: from another Bolton lad.
The Mitochondria has its own DNA. Which is replicated on cell division. Viruses get into your cells, and mess with your DNA – Mitochondrial modification is usually fatal.
To replicate its novel DNA, before the cells in engulfed, it must use single cell division. It is locked out of the body stem cells. Your body its eats own cells, and replaces them every 4 years. Unless the cessation flag is turned on – another viral trick.
The cells flow around the body, setting up viral colonies. The long bones have loads of cell division – they make you blood cells. Novel cells are also very exposed in the fine blood vessel network that make up the lungs.
We could give a drip of IL-4 and IL-2, that will make and action the active antibody to novel cell type – which the viral altered cells are. But that required a helpful medic. This idea will cure AIDs, but in the last decade no medic has used the idea.
The best idea is an 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device – cost under 17 UK pounds. We apply this for 1 minute to the long bones, and both sides of the chest. Stop when you feel warming. Continue until you feel no warming after 3 minutes – the Mitochondrial disease is gone.

1MHz Ultrasonic Facial Care Ultrasound Massager Skin Care Machine Massage Beuaty



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This is safe for children and adults to use.

The green energy choice

Both petrol and diesel burning produces CO2 and NO/NO2 (NOx). CO2 is converted back into active life within 5 minutes. The Fossil Fuels used to be active life in prehistory.
Petrol produces 25% more CO2 and NOx
1 CmHn+pO2+tN2 ->m(CO2+NOx-E+(n-r)H2O)+r(He+O3+E2+X-ray+L)
petrol m=16. Diesel m=12. So petrol produces 25% more CO2 and NOx. OPEC says 'We were wrong about CO2 causing Global Warming/man-made Climate Change . NOx is capped by photosynthesis at the global average of 4 parts per billion.
So the carbon fuel forms CO2 – the gas of life. Plants gobble up CO2, so it is back as active biomass within 5 minutes. So CO2 is capped at 2 parts per million today.
In the Jurassic this was 4pm. Sea levels were 60m lower – as there was 85% more active life on Earth, tying up water in local ecosystems.
Both petrol and diesel burning produces light and X-rays, and the Nuclear Fusion gives a flash temperature >10,000oC – the temperature at which N2 burns to form NOx. Both petrol and diesel engines produce CO2 and NOx. But petrol engines produce 25% more of both gases.
CO2 pegged at 2ppm, except over the Arctics in winter, where it spikes at 4ppm. In the same way global photosynthesis on land and seas caps NOx at 4 parts per billion. It is plant fertilizer.
In the Arctic winter at -50oC, it spikes at 8ppm. So NOx rises above the ice caps, and during an ice-age. OPEC promoted Global Warming as a way to keep oil prices up. Global Warming is so obviously nothing to do with CO2, which rises in the cold.
They seized on NOx – 'diesel engines are polloters' they shouted. Unaware that petrol engines produces twice as much NOx – which double above the ice. And is plant fertilizer anyway.
The levels of NOx are preserved in mineral samples – we can phosphorous date. Except the levels of this plant fertilizer are just too tiny.

'Sulfur dioxide (SO2) - Air quality fact sheet
Sulfur dioxide is also present in motor vehicle emissions, as the result of fuel combustion. In the past,motor vehicle exhaust was an ... While sulfur dioxide levels in air are not generally a problem in Australia, fuel standards have significantly reduced sulfur levels in fuels and reduced the levels in air even further. The highest ...'
SO2 levels have been falling, as we scrub the SO2 out of engine exhausts. What we would rather, would be a non-nuclear engine that produces no emissions. Nature shows us how. A lightening strike does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+TU+½O2->He+O3+E2+L+X-ray
In a glass tube we do H fission – twice as energetic
2 H2O+PL->2E2+L+X-ray 2.4MW at 4 atmospheres. A pulse of power at 5,000V 0.001 amps starts the plasma off – which self sustains. Borrow the electronics from a fluorescent light, to start the plasma.
2E2=3x1015W per MW year. No Fossil Fuels burn. No hyper toxic uranium nuclear power. A process so toxic, each nuclear power plant needs insurance of 100 billion annually. No insurance above 1 billion available.
Every nuclear power plant around the world is running with insufficient insurance. Producing plutonium – the most toxic substance known to man, It scatters around a continent every 25 years. Remember Windscale, 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukishima – plus constant leaks from EDF plants.
EDF needs 100 million per plant of annual insurance – to produce 5% of French electricity.
Diesel produce 25% less CO2 and NOX – the green Fossil Fuels engine choice. A steam plasma doe 2.
2 25x1cm steam plasma will produce 600kW of power. No batteries or charging. No lead or lithium used. So Tesla cars could produce the Plasma range – infinite range, no battery charging. No need to ever fill up. In the life of a car, we use 3x10-16cc of regular water. And 50 year old technology.
Academic who wrote papers on Global Warming/man-made Climate Change nuclear fantasists, who wrote paid copy for nuclear power. Never should have been in education – sack them today. Get back all wages since 1984 – the year of Chernobyl.
A thermoelectric generator will produce 75kW of green power. We convert into speed linked AC. We use to fly between cities – using IT and radar to avoid other craft.
No petrol or diesel burn. Petrol is the most emissive fuel – producing more CO2 and NOx.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Fresh water for coastal villages

Today considerable effort is put into transporting water, or laying pipelines, or digging wells. Wasted effort. High pressure and temperature desalination is very energy, and cost expensive.
Were none of you awake during high school physics! I am talking to all university engineering students and lecturers.
Just 1m of head causes water to boil – losing all salts and contaminants. As simple crank handle will cause water to boil – and we vent the vapour into a jug – and it fills with free, fresh water.
We could use an animal treadmill, to produce fresh water, and transport it to a holding reservoir.
Or the UN could pay for solar powered pumps, or a small wind turbine to do this for us. In the 21st century water will be a scare resource – or now not. As we can now turn salt or river water into pure water – deal for agriculture or drinking.
The Arabian Gulf is an endless supply of salt water, we can now pump into fresh water. 1 m of vacuum is very cheap and easy to produce.
No filtration pads, or high pressures – which can amputate limbs. And the sun supplies all the energy we need – from 0.5m2 of solar panel.
Extra plant life, take in CO2 – pegged at just 2 parts per million today. No Global Warming or man-made Climate Change.
Power for NatureBy Jonathan M Thomason
eBook (ePub): £3.00 (excl. VAT)
Any waterfall over one metre high had around the earth from regular water. A lightening bolt gives off X-rays, as it generates massive power. Nature on Earth is full of the generation of Melium via... More >