Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Vapes – the health scandal

I first came across the idea of vapes on my PhD – and it seemed a good idea. Use an electrical heated to give you a blast of nicotine, without the danger of smoke. What did I know – I have never smoked.
Chris was on 20 a day cigarettes, and has 2 heart attacks – bad gave up the day after his first. He is now 69 – so has had 6 extra years – as his nursing freinds saved his life: he was a high level psychiatric nurse – which is why he smoked.
His second wife still smokes: you would have thought she would have taken the hint. She now smokes and vapes. Supposedly she was cut down on her cigarette use. Supposedly.
Smokers add vaping to their smoking – they do not stop. She vapes all over the house, by he put a stop to that. 'Only vape outside, or in your smoking room' he told her.
 So public places should restrict their use, just like smoking. Or in 2 years hospital morges will fill up with passive vapers.
'The nicotine tightens my chest, and affects my eyes' he complained. So vapes are probably the first big health scandal of the 21st century. They have their uses.
To cut down on smoking. But they are far from safe, and very addictive. MY guess is that will have the same effect on heart health as smoking: and remember, smoking was a bigger killer than cancer 2012.
Then medics applied High Intensity UltraSound to the top left of the chest and kidneys, and totally clear coronary heart disease. I use 8W 1MHz ultrasound.

All vapes should use such a device ½ a minute a month, each side of the chest and kidneys. Applying to the liver 1 minute, and each side if the head ½ a minute will remove the addiction.

So VAPES very far from safe.

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