Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Curing Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

2002 American medics proved a single application of High Intensity UltraSound cured all cancers. I have found 8W 1MHz is effective, medically licensed High Intensity UltraSound.
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Every Dr has such a device – or they would have been struck off 16 years ago. All Dr.s not using the new medicine are struck off, lose health insurance and medical practice criminal. So unless your GP has used High Intensity UltraSound for 16 years, not a real doctors. All prescriptions for 16 years – patients ans families get return of all fees: plus $16 million for a patient death.
All Dr.s promise to teach, research and apply best medicine – TO CURE THE DISEASE. But they find an imperfect treatment, that requires constant prescriptions, and they stop research. 'Job done!' they exclaim; when it so obviously is not.
In my creative writing group 2013 I totally cleared asthma in 1 minute – the time taken to clear even inoperable cancer. I published my results, so every Dr on Earth HAD to read and use my work – or cease to be a Dr 5 years ago. Medical practice then criminal.
I seem to remember curing somebody of OSPD – which my friend has just been diagnosed with. It would appear to be caused by my old friend – a viral rump left behind by illness.
High Intensity UltraSound clears these – leading example all cancers. So your GP has the device to clear the problem: also cancers, HIV and the common cold. Also heart disease and mental health problems.
 I have just been talking to my nursing friend. Who told me to use my High Intensity UltraSound on my Australian flu – cleared it in 1 minute. He won't use it on his inflamed liver and gal bladder. He HAS to use pills – just there are none.
OSPD is characterised by years of smoking. Silly dirty habit – but so addictive people will happily smoke themselves, knowingly to death. So caused by trauma to the lungs. Sweet.
Physiotherapists have used High Intensity UltraSound for 35 years, to clear scaring – that is where I came across it. So 20 x 1 minute of 8W 1MHz ultrasound should sort people out.
To clear the addiction, also do both sides of the head ½ a minute each time, and 1 minute to the liver. And then stop smoking: you will be left with the empty habit – save your life, and those of your friends and family, by going smoke free.
Debra smokes. But now she also vapes: She hasn't stopped smoking, she has cut down on tobacco use. You need High Intensity UltraSound to the head and liver to break the addiction. The makers of vapes should sell High Intensity UltraSound equipment, and really save lives.
Mind you I nearly died when somebody hit my car: and I knew driving is the biggest accidental cause of death of young adults.

My cursing friend told me there was no viral link to asthma – but High Intensity UltraSound clears it in 1 minute. Inhalers are defective, criminal medicine.

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