Saturday, 6 January 2018

Cure of MS

Medics were only interested in MS, as a terminal condition. Now it can be cleared simply and cheaply – they are not interested. They will not even use the cure. Which i9s interesting, as all Dr.s have to use best medicine – or the are struck off and loose health insurance.
They have all verified my work – and are aware of it. Not to use High Intensity UltraSound to clear mental health problems, dismisses them 2013 from health systems around the world.
That year I used High Intensity UltraSound to clear MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's – and 2010 I had cleared Schizophrenia.
So people have gone through 8 years of hell, and even died with Schizophrenia. Every member of their medical team is required to dismiss themselves from medicine, the first day they do not use High Intensity UltraSound.
I employed an 8W 1MHz device. A medically licensed ultrasound massage device, suitable for home use. $50 to clears the disease totally.
Ultrasound - cancer cureBy Jonathan M Thomason
Paperback: List Price: £8.72 £7.41 (excl. VAT) You Save: 15%
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Highly intensity ultrasound 150 W 40 kHz applied externally just once will cure all the diseases of age!
½ a minute to each side of the brain arrests all mental health problems. This is a problem to the care community, as 20 High Intensity UltraSound sessions lasting 1 minute totally fixes the person.
No wheel chair or nursing support required. Physiotherapy training as the individual starts walking again, after years in a wheel chair is required.
So all Dr.s have an 8W 3MHz device – after High Intensity UltraSound was found to clear cancer 2002. So 1 minute externally clears all cancers.
All Dr.s have recoiled from this – as no Dr interaction is required. But they have promised to use best medicine – and for cancer, diabetes, heart disease and mental health problems that is High Intensity UltraSound.
It is like turning on a light in a dark room. Everything starts working, and the disease is gone. I lost a girlfriend to MS – and it takes just 1 minute to clear. Totally and for ever.
½ a minute of HIUS to each side of the chest, throat and nose clears all infectious disease; with 20 seconds to each side of the lower torso to clear all infections.
We see no cancers, heart disease, diabetes or mental health problems. The greatest medical idea – but Dr.s will not use it.
Simple – they cease to be Dr.s and lose health registration. And by now every registered Dr has read and verified my work. I use an 8W 1Mhz device, as my effective High Intensity UltraSound unit.
But there are still people walking around with previously fatal disease – cleared by the Dr.s High Intensity UltraSound device. Strike off those medics – they have no place in health care.
No need – they have to strike themselves off. And repay all wages to 2002 when the cure to cancer was published. And get no pension. And can't work in health systems around the world.
There need have been no MS for 5 years. It persists due to the insidious actions of struck off Dr.s – who are barred from working in medicine.

Probably your GP is not a registered Dr.. The Hippocratic oath insists that any Dr not are of published medicine is dismissed the same day from medicine.

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