Friday, 12 January 2018

Cancer cure $50

In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre used High Intensity UltraSound to cure cancer. They wanted $15,000 for the equipment.
You only used it once – then no cancer. It cost 0.02 cents to operate – but hospitals wanted
$5,000 to use it. Why the mark up? Because it totally replaced a $3,000, 2 year biochemical death.
Medics carried on with biochemistry – cancer Dr.s got 1.5 million a year for ineffective biochemistry. Consultants 4 million. The cash cow of medicine.
The patient died,. But the Dr got rich. Trouble is, they borrowed the technology from metallurgy. The cheapest High Intensity UltraSound device is an 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage unit.
Duty Free Ultrasonic Cavitation Skin Massage Ultrasound Skin Pain Relief Beauty

Duty Free Ultrasonic Cavitation Skin Massage Ultrasound Skin Pain Relief Beauty

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5 days delivery from China. Cure all cancers in 1 minute. ½ a minute to each side of the chest, throat and nose, plus 20 seconds to each side of the lower torso clears all flu. Which stops the development of cancers, heart disease, diabetes and mental health problems – see my other blogs for details.
So Australian flu cure in 1 day – not trip to the GP and pharmacist. And people already have the devices as weight loss aids. Be warmed, build up from 20 seconds each side of the torso. And is your get diarrhoea, take a week off and resume.
As you clear the bacterial structures that give you diarrhoea when ill, they will give one last bout of diarrhoea.
Dr.s hate this – hence they developed High Intensity Focused Ultrasound: which was actually patented by physics 10 years ago. Dr.s have no special training or knowledge. It clears 80% of cancers – whereas High Intensity UltraSound clears 100%.
Focusing the ultrasound, actually missed secondaries, and cost $5,000 and needs a hospital. Whereas High Intensity UltraSound can be done safely at home – no GP or Dr/hospital.
So biochemical treatments, radio and chemo therapy, plus surgery all defective, criminal medicine since 2002. All prescribing Dr.s struck off for life – along with assisting nurses and pharmacists.
But High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is also defective, criminal medicine compared to High Intensity UltraSound. So no Dr can use. They have to use the High Intensity UltraSound department every nursing office has had for 16 years.
So all Dr.s verified High Intensity UltraSound 2002. So just 1 cancer drug prescription etc., struck off the Dr for life. Health insurance void. $16 for every biochemical murder 9that is what cancer drugs are) and medical practice illegal for 16 years (2018).
So Dr.s repay all wages, get no pension. Pay a fine of 10 billion, and get a 4 millennial jail term – with no parole. They are excluded from medicine 2002.
So people use an 8W 1MHz, medically licensed beauty device – designed for home use. Blow away cancers 1 minute. 1 minute max to the lower right of the chest clears diabetes.
½ a minute to the top left of the chest and kidneys clears heart disease – medically published 2012. No registered Dr has been legally allowed to prescribe heart medicine since. Get you medical money back.
Ultrasound - cancer cureBy Jonathan M Thomason
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Highly intensity ultrasound 150 W 40 kHz applied externally just once will cure all the diseases of age!
Families et $16 million for every patient death. The GP gets 25 years in jail – and has not been a registered Dr for 6 years. Patients get all medical fees back from 2002 – when the Dr was struck off.
Lawyers can sue the Dr, to ensure he is removed from the medical register – paying multiples of 16 million per death: the lawyers get 10% for an undefended open and shut case.
The AMA/GMC will not defend a Dr prescribing defective, criminal medicine. And every Dr validated High Intensity UltraSound 2002 – or ceased to be a Dr 16 years ago. Losing medical registration and health insurance.
So High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is defected compared to High Intensity UltraSound. And no Dr can use defective medicine – even if superior to cancer drugs.
Dr.s failure to adopt High Intensity UltraSound 2002 means every Dr and consultant on Earth struck off. And cancer pays every hospital cancer consultant $60 million a year: ultimate medical blood money.
So nobody on Earth can legally prescribed cancer drugs, therapies of surgery. And no surgeon can ethically do cancer surgery – since 2002. 25 years in jail, and a $16 million fine for every cancer patient killed.
My background? 19843 I worked as a metallurgical ultrasound expert on my M. Eng.. So I know what the hell I am talking about – Dr.s do not.
The Chritie cancer hospital sued some parents for taking their daughter to be cured of cancer using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound 2016. AS I have mentioned, High Intensity UltraSound would have had a better therapeutic outcome. Cancer drugs the worst.
The Christie ten bought a High Intensity Focused Ultrasound centre. Which requires 2.6 billion of insurance for medical use. The Christie did not bother – so their High Intensity Focused Ultrasound kit can't be legally used.
And the Christie has no registered Dr.s and nurses anyway. Who have no idea how High Intensity Focused Ultrasound works.
1 H2O+P+US->He+O+E2+X-ray
The Molecular Nuclear Fusion blows inflated cells, like cancer apart. No body cell is inflated. So engineering or physics PhD students understand Molecular Nuclear Fusion – Dr.s not!

Dr.s boast of their morals – but every practising Dr should have deleted their name from the medical register 2002. The Senate and House of Lords can ensure this happens, today. Saving 20 million people from defective cancer treatments and death, a year.

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