Monday, 1 January 2018

Biggest killers in the world

Dr.s.. since the cure to cancer was medically published in 2002, they all confirmed High Intensity UltraSound cured all 200 cancers out there. But stuck with defective cancer drugs, radio therapy and surgery.
All totally prohibited by the Hippocratic oath. Every practising medic has promised to use only the bet medicine. High Intensity UltraSound totally cure all cancers at a single session.
I have found 1 minute of 8W 1MHz ultrasound clears even inoperable cancer. Applied from a massage device. It is not optional! Defective medicine strikes off the Dr the same day. Their prescriptions are not valid, health insurance void, medical practice criminal.
Ultrasonic Cavitation Face Body Massager Ultrasound Facial Skin Friming Anti Age

Ultrasonic Cavitation Face Body Massager Ultrasound Facial Skin Friming Anti Age

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So patient are entitled to all medical fees back to 2002. Plus punitive damages – of up to $16 million to all families who have lost a family member to cancer.
Ask your GP, who has not been a registered Dr for 16 years. All medical practice criminal. Dr.s can't use defective medicine – as lower price health cover: defective medicine is criminal medicine.
So all cancer hospital have applied defective medicine for 16 years: and every Dr knew they were murdering cancer patients for money: even members of the Mafia. Who are not amused. Expect 2018 to be the year of the shot Dr.. And the public sympathy will be with the Mafia.
So the Christie has High Intensity UltraSound machines, and validated they worked. They only bought the less effective, and massively deader High Intensity Focused Ultrasound kit, when they unsuccessful sued a family for taking their daughter to the US and getting her cured.
That is worth repeating 'The Chri8stie Hospital sued a family for getting their daughter cured'. Who are these people?

Now you can buy an ultrasound massage device, and cure your cancer at home. Never see a Dr! He just want to kill you slowly, for profit.  Dr.s have killed 1/8th of the developed world in 14 years – for their naked profit and amusement.

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