Saturday, 30 December 2017

Ultrasound pops cancer

Cancer cells are over inflated and hard, in order to row in a single cell way – as cancer is locked out of the stem cells.  So to grow viruses and cancers must devide using the single cell helicase.
Then in the 1950s medics found 5W 40kHz ultrasound causes just cancer cells to give out X-rays – as they do Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
1 H2O+P+US->He+O+E2+X-ray
My PhD supervisor was talking to me abut micro bubble formation, as you applied 2kW ultrasound to liquid water.  That was in 2000!  Ultrasound sets off Nuclear Fusion in liquid water.
No radioactive waste.  In a glass tube we do the twice as energetic plasma burn from water.
2 H2O+US->E3+PL+X-ray we get light blue light
Here we are doing Nuclear Fusion on Earth.  At room temperature and pressure.  We actually want 4 atmospheres, as then the plasma self sustains.  Producing 2.4MW of heat, from 5x10-15cc of regular water a year.  No Fossil Fuels burn.  No CO2 produced.
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Highly intensity ultrasound 150 W 40 kHz applied externally just once will cure all the diseases of age!
 8W 1MHz ultrasound causes cancer cells to boil and pop – only doing minimal damages to surrounding body cells. Setting off and immune action to clear the cancer cell type through out the body.  Safe clean, molecular nuclear fusion.
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No hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.  It is 30 times as energetic as hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium: from regular water.  Using the electronics from a fluorescent light to start off – then it self sustains.
Then in 2002 3 medical professors from the Moffitt used e,g, 150W 40kHz/8W 1MHz ultrasound to cause cancer cells to pop.  We apply the ultrasound externally.
And we produce no radioactive waste.  All 200 cancer out there cured.  But the cancer drug industry was the largest on Earth, and tried to hide this published, proved medicine.
Now all Dr.s have promised to be aware of published medicine: I read about it 8 years later, in a nationally read cancer charity magazine.  Read by every Dr and nurse in the UK.
So every Dr bought an 8W 3MHz ultrasound device, and validated it cured ALL cancers out there.  But there income stream was drugs – so they wanted to prescribe drugs.
But the Hippocratic oath says all Dr.s must use new medical developments – and abandon old, defective now criminal medicine – and all cancer drugs were now criminal.  Along with radio therapy and surgery.
So all surgeons doing cancer surgery for 15 years, instantly strike themselves off – and are doing paid medical mutilation:  So all surviving patients and families can sue for damages.  And ensure the surgeon never does surgery again.
All surgeons validated High Intensity UltraSound, so were well aware cancer surgery was criminal.  Prognosis – 50% of cancer surgery patients die.  All High Intensity UltraSound patients totally better in 1 minute.
So all Dr.s validated High Intensity UltraSound so none could prescribe cancer drugs.  Their prescriptions invalid.  Their insurance void.  Medical practice criminal.
So no Dr could prescribe cancer drugs – or be instantly struck off, and never prescribe again.  And nobody else can prescribe drugs.
So if you GP prescribed cancer drugs post 2002, their prescriptions not valid.  You have an open and shut case for return of all medical fees – and $16 million for every patient murdered with biochemistry.
So nobody alive can prescribe defective, fatal cancer drugs.  Academic medics have not been able to research them for 15 years – or the medical school permanently excluded from medicine.  All medical degrees void.  All graduating medic s get all tuition fees back – and can never work in medicine.
Cancer drugs are NOT a valid answer to cancer.  And have not been for 15 years.  They are criminal medicine.
Buy your own High Intensity UltraSound device – cure your own cancer: and sue the ass off your 'Dr' – who has not been a registered Dr for 15 years.  All drug companies permanently excluded from medicine – 15 years ago.
AstraZeneca owes a fine of 200 trillion – more than the worth of the planet.  Donald Trump can sign an executive order, to force the Senate to strike off all Dr.s and drug companies.  All compatible drug companies also expelled from health systems.
People who do not understand why ultrasound scans of cancer give off X-rays, need to resit high school physics.

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