Monday, 18 December 2017

Too much gold

The Earth's core holds 455 million tonnes of gold. Man has only mined 20,000 tonnes – most recently. Gold is easy to get at.
We need some ground sonar, yo locate a magma pocket 34 meters down. Or we just locate the river of water circling the Earth. Gold and other heavy metal are soluble below 34 meters.
So as the water finds its way up to a warm spring, the gold is left behind. But it is expensive to mine it. Dangerous and expensive.
What we do is invest the money in a bore hole – 34m is almost trivial. And we get up a stream of superheated water with heavy metals in.
We give it a slight vent, and pass it through a Dyson dry cleaner – more rugged than for cleaning. We extract the metal power from the steam – we then use to generate carbon 0, no toxic power. Carbon 0 is that easy!
The power is worth as much as the gold. And 40% of the metal dust is gold. We sell on to metals companies, to turn into pure metal ingots. Near unlimited gold and platinum. Platinum has uses, catalysing Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Gold does not.
We can double the amount of gold in man's possession in 2 years. And we can stop the folly of burning over priced Fossil Fuels. Or doing hyper toxic uranium nuclear power.

Uranium power is so expensive, every power plant needs 100 billion of annual insurance cover. None has it! All nuclear power highly illegal.

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