Thursday, 7 December 2017

Sonoluminesce is Nuclear Fusion

But at atmospheric pressure, this is a very weak form of Molecular Nuclear Fusion. The H+ ions bounce off each other at 1 atmosphere. But 1m down, we are getting Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 2H++P+TU->He2++E2+L+X-ray
Hence my idea 3 years ago, to run the electrolysis chamber at higher pressure: no Pt electrodes – Cu will do.
We get neutron formation
2 H++e- ->n0
So we enrich the electrolyses water. So an electrolysis chamber runs as a cold plasma! We get the turbulent flow of ions and electrons.
Above 1 atmosphere, we get Molecular Nuclear Fusion – 1! This is so interesting. We knew in the 1980s,. that an electrolysis chamber gave off X-rays and produced heat. But the volumes of He and O gases were low. But we form Ozone, which we can smell.
3 O2+O+ ->O3+ ozone ions.
We have a 50x1cm thick walled metal pipe, We pass 5W of current down. And we form H+ and O- gases. But we get a trace of He+ and ozone+ gases.
So we take out the gases, and pass them over a diesel glow plug. We get mad hot steam at 890oC, with a faint trace of He and O in.
We pass over a thermoelectric generator, and get off 88kW: enough power for 11 houses. The grid will pass us 240,000 UK pounds for this carbon 0 power.
We then heat the water for a neighbourhood heating set up. Which will take 20kW of pumping power.
And then we collect the cooled water at 40oC, in a holding tank. From which we vent the He and O3 gases.
Burning H and O gases does more Molecular Nuclear Fusion

4 2H++O+SP->He2++O+E SP=spark

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