Thursday, 14 December 2017

Safe, clean, free power

Molecular Nuclear Fusion. The world has used heavy rain or snow to do Molecular Nuclear Fusion for 3.8 billion years.
1 H2O+TU->2H++O++3e-
2 1H++ >2e- ->xn0 x >3
3 16O++ >2n0+E ->81H++7e-
4 2H++TU->He2++E2 TU=turbulence
So there is Nuclear Fusion going off continuously in the air around the Earth. Every 3 mniutes we get a lightening strike
5 2H++O++3e-+TU ->He2++O++3e-+E2 2.5x1030W every 3 minutes around the Earth.
So 1 lightening strike more energetic than all mans power generation – included his nuclear bombs.
In a glass tube we get the twice as energetic plasma tube
6 H2O+PL ->E3+L+X-ray free, carbon 0, non toxic energy.
A 50x1cm steam plasma tube at 4 atmospheres release 2.4MW of carbon 0 heat. No handling of radioactive materials. So no impossible high insurance – every uranium nuclear power plant needs, but doe not have 100 billion of annual insurance cover: ERGO all nuclear power illegal since 1984: the year of Chernobyl.
Waterfall FusionBy Jonathan M Thomason
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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.
So all garage scientists can borrow the electronics from a fluorescent light, and fire up the plasma – using as pump and source of steam. The plasma self-sustains at 4 atmospheres. The grid pays us 866,420 UK pounds a year.
We get our non toxic, free, carbon 0 power. A 25x1cm steam plasma tube will drive a car, and when parked we can power the street.
No Fossil Fuels burn. No CO2. And more importantly, no enriched uranium or plutonium production. So NO insurance.
Carbon 0 power is that easy – and free. All 499 nuclear power plants on Earth each need insurance of 100 billion. All people who have written papers about Global Warming or man-made Climate Change, are skilled fiction writers.
As natural photosynthesis limits free average CO2 to only 2 parts per million. CO2 levels double able the poles, or in a natural ice-age.
To sink CO2 from the air, pressurise and cool the air. 2ppm CO2 forms liquid CO2. Pump into the sea at 10oC, and algae and sea plants will take in the extra CO2, and form biomass.

So we get more sea life, and more fish.

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