Thursday, 21 December 2017

Free park power

Water from the seas, rivers and streams of the Earth, percolate down – until they hit the Earth's magma layer. There the water is heated until over 100oC – it would boil, except for the extreme pressure it was under.
So drilling companies can use ground sonar, to locate the geothermal river that circulates anticlockwise around the world: it tries to stay still, as the Earth spins clockwise.
Below 34m, this water contains gold dust – in solution. Drill down to get at super heated water and gold. Pass through a regardised Dyson dry clear to remove the metal dust.
We give a small vent to this super heated water. We then have a most valuable item – superheated steam. We pass this over a thermoelectric generator. And get at 3MW of mains power. Each house needs only 8kW. So enough carbon 0 heat for 400 houses – from a council park.
Which become the highest earner of council possessions. The drilling company gets the plant costs back, and then hands the income over to the land owner. So in 2 years, we stop all burning of Fossil Fuels to generate power.

A 25x1cm steam plasma with drive an automotive thermoelectric generator, and replaces the burning of petrol and diesel. So much more efficient than batteries and mains charging.

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